Katya Nikitina from the “Zhenochy Kvartal” spoke about her ailment

Katya Nikitina from the “Zhenochy Kvartal” spoke about her ailment

How to write Politeka.net , Katya Nikitina – in the house of a Ukrainian actress that star “Women's Quarter”. Also, the celebrity is actively involved in sports and teach Ukrainians to sit on the twine. And not long ago, Nikita virishila mastered the pylon, pleasing the Ukrainians with speckled dances. Zirka, like other celebrities, supported Ukraine in the fight against the Russian occupation troops. Do not forget Katya about Tiktok, de actively leading your side. And how once did the star sag for the autumn cold.

Katya Nikita from the “Women's Quarter” spoke about her ailment

“When it gets cold outside”, – signed by Katya.

“Hello, autumn. Who is the same!? My “in love” temperature, 37.2″, – written by zirka.

Fans gave hundreds of likes and comments:

“There are no light bulbs in the chandelier”, “The same”, “I've been around all day”, “So it's not possible, take vitamins, raspberries and other , honey, brew savory tea and drink it. Everything will be good”, “I have the same stomach, I didn’t remember, I got a cold”, “The fourth day I had a headache, do you care?”.