Kate Moss enchanted the shanuvalniks with a “meaty” figure

Kate Moss enchanted the shanuvalniks with a “meaty” figure


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Kate Moss starred in a provocative black and white video. A completely naked supermodel bathes in rivers and propons to follow her straight into space. Gola n & # 8217; yata point Kate did not cry out to everyone. Somehow you have done something to demonstrate such a “fuck” figure, maybe not varto.

Kate Moss, as she was in the 90s and zeros, one of the most successful models in the world, and at the same time continues to appear on the catwalk, starring for the glossy advertising. Prote to stand at the 48th river star is no longer the same. For example, in the new video, Vaughn showed the wrong look in the back.

Kate Moss disappointed shanuvalnikov in the

A video was taken for the new brand Kate Moss Cosmoss, which will be the commitment to products for a healthy way of life. In the rest of the hour, the model, seeing her love until evening, alcohol and fenced speeches, decided to judge and become angry at everything that was dear to the soul of that body.