Kate Middleton, Camilla clashed ahead of her royal wedding: report

Kate Middleton and Camilla ended up having a behind-the-scenes clash over wearing a tiara ahead of her royal wedding.

This claim has been made public by royal commentator Catherine Ostler and according to her claim, Camilla was ‘desperate’ to persuade Kate about wearing a tiara at her wedding.

Reportedly, The Duchess of Cambridge considered wearing flowers in her hair for her wedding by Camilla employed the aid of her friends and attempted to reason with her.

In a 2011 claim in the Mail Online, Ms. Ostler wrote, “While Charles and Camilla have no wish to be seen as extravagant or out of touch, they believe there is a level of formality and grandeur beneath which a royal wedding must not sink.”

“In their sixties, their tendencies are traditional and patrician. However, William and Kate are decades younger and have been guests at a plethora of weddings in their peer group, so are keen by natural instinct and public relations savvy not to be old-fashioned or stuffy.”

“They want to have a royal wedding, be like their friends and be ‘of the people’ – something that Camilla would regard as trying to have their royal wedding cake and eating it.”

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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