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Kaspersky: each user profile has its solution

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun17,2024

To protect yourself effectively against threats present on the web, several solutions exist. One of the most affordable remains the VPN, for a private network. virtual. A service that allows you to protect your data, while making you anonymous on the web. Avoid computer threats, misuse of personal data and bypass the geographic restrictions of streaming platforms for a few euros per month. And at Kaspersky, you can also protect your hardware and your data thanks to Kaspersky. effective antiviruses. But which one is right for you? To guide you, focus on the three solutions for three different user profiles.

Kaspersky: each user profile has its solution

3 solutions for 3 different user profiles

There are certainly as many different profiles of Internet users as there are cat videos on the Internet. Nevertheless, some share similarities. And depending on your usage, you will need different services. No need to hire security. optimal if you sail on calm waters. But one thing is certain: it is imperative to opt for an antivirus. The threats are more and more numerous and, above all, more and more devious.

Kaspersky: each user profile has its solution

No more surprise email from a prince in search of his guest. ritage, place at; scams better thought out than ever.It is therefore appropriate to protect both your equipment and your data, in particular by installing an antivirus. But among industry giants like Kaspersky, several solutions exist. To navigate this, it is necessary to take a step back and analyze our needs.

premium protection

For families with children, it is recommended ; to leave with complete protection.Younger people do not yet have the reflexes or experience of their elders and can therefore fall prey to lurking threats. They can also click on everything and anything, download malicious files or share sensitive data. It is therefore recommended to opt for Premium Protection.

  • Real-time antivirus
  • Online payment protection
  • Performance Optimization
  • Unlimited VPN ultra-fast
  • Data leak check
  • Identity protection
  • Expert virus scanning and removal

Kaspersky: each user profile has its solution

Optimal service accompanied by a free one-year subscription to Kaspersky Safe Kids, simplified parental control thanks to an all-in-one application. A limited offer for protection available on Windows as well as macOS, Android or even iOS. Kaspersky Protection Premium is available at from €34.99/year. Optimal protection to counter all threats present on the web.

To find the Kaspersky Protection Premium solution

protection plus

For web aficionados, we recommend Protection Plus. Protection Plus has the same services as Protection Premium, identity protection. and virus scanning and removal by one less expert. Thus, we find:

  • Real-time Antivirus
  • Online Payment Protection
  • Performance optimization
  • Unlimited VPN ultra-fast
  • Checking data leaks

Kaspersky: each profile 'user has his solution

A complete and effective offer, which offers you all the protection of the moment. Sufficient protection if you have experience on the web.And with the VPN, you can also bypass the restrictions of streaming platforms like Netflix or Disney+. Complete catalogs are yours for a reduced subscription.

To find the Kaspersky Protection Plus solution

Standard Protection

Basic but necessary protection, Standard Protection includes real-time antivirus, online payment protection as well as performance optimization.Your CPU will therefore not be impacted. by the work of your antivirus. No risk of slowing down, the opportunity for you to go about your business. your occupations, without having to undergo this additional protection.

Kaspersky: each user profile has its solution

Safety and tranquility à low price, Standard Protection which is intended for those who are looking for only an antivirus. No VPN via this solution, but an antivirus which will still protect you from different computer threats . 

To find the Kaspersky Protection Standard solution

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