Karpaty do not have money even to get to the match in Mariupol club on the brink of ceasing to exist

In Lviv I create a new club next season to play in the lower divisions

Looks like not all the teams of the Ukrainian Premier League comes to the end of the season. As we reported this morning, “Karpaty” will be removed from the championship of Ukraine due to lack of funding. The situation in Lviv club critical, he is on the verge of cease to exist.


Wednesday, July 1, “Karpaty” to play the postponed match of the Premier League with the “Mariupol”. However, the club has no money to even get in the Donetsk region. About it on the official website of “Karpaty” said the Executive Director Rostislav Ashishin:

“Oleg Smalyuk for a long time was in Kiev and tried to meet with representatives and owners of the company “Krisal holdings”… the Meeting was not held. Also the second party did not respond to an official letter from Oleg Smalyukh with identical sentences.

We survived the year without funding. Now Karpaty literally do not own resources and reserves to continue life required a substantial subsidy… After a change of ownership of the company “Mendel limited” Oleg Smalyuk came to the city and promptly closed a number of problematic issues. Now debt to the team, players were given financial incentives for their character in the Lviv Derby.

However, after a lack of dialogue with the company “Krisal holding” Oleg Smalyuk told me that he has the ability to Fund the club on their 50%, because it is a simple businessman and not an oligarch. Accordingly, until we have the opportunity to travel to the game in Mariupol. I really hope that the representatives of the “Krisal holdings” will finally pay attention to our problem and enter into a constructive negotiation process.”

Note that Smalyuk recently bought a 50% stake in Peter Damanskogo, and the other half belongs to the company, which is associated with Igor Kolomoisky. Four rounds before the finish, “Karpaty” occupy the last place in the Ukrainian Premier League.

In early June, “Karpaty” went to the quarantine because of the coronavirus, but has recently returned to the game.

See how “Karpaty” played in a draw against Lviv in the Ukrainian League

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