Karim Benzema: Absent from Deschamps' list? The concern grows

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Karim Benzema : missing from Deschamps' list? The concern is growing

BENZEMA. And if Karim Benzema was not in Didier Deschamps' list for the World Cup. Still injured, the question arises.

Karim Benzema, Ballon d'Or 2022, should in theory travel to Qatar for the next World Cup which begins on November 20. But, for the past few weeks, the Frenchman hasn't had much playing time due to several injuries. Back on the field against Celtic last week, Karim Benzema is not in Real's squad for the next La Liga game on Monday, November 7, at Rayo Vallecano. The Spanish press also indicates that he will not even be summoned. for the last match before the truce, against Cadiz, in order to preserve it.

As a reminder, Didier Deschamps explained to several times and notably in an interview with  Gross on October 27 that he wouldn't take an injured player. nor a player who could not play the first match of the French team at home. the World Cup (Australia on November 22). “It's crisp and clear. Ça, I said it. I never embarked with an injured player for a great competition, although there are some that can come out examples from 2018 on our two full-backs who were Benjamin Mendy and Djibril Sidibé. They were healed. After that, it's an athletic condition. And between the time when I made the list and what should have been happened that didn't happen… here it is. But leaving for a big competition with players who are not already fit for it. ça occupies far too much attention, and for those who have to play, ça also monopolizes the medical staff. Personally, I consider that you have to leave with valid and suitable players."

Benzema Ballon d'or. Karim Benzema is therefore the best day in the world. On receiving the Ballon d'Or on Monday 17 October, the Real Madrid striker added; his name at the prestigious list of winners; the one where include the French Zidane, Kopa, Platini and Papin, the one where all children playing soccer dream of appearing one day. Upon receiving his trophy, handed over to his mentor, model and former coach Zizou, the center-forward of the Blues said: a remarked speech.

"I think back to; all the hard work, I never let go. because it was a childhood dream. I grew up with ça in my head. And the two models of my life, Zizou and Ronaldo, gave me motivation. […] There were more difficult moments for me. Periods when, for example, I was not in selection. I worked a lot in training and my coach told me to keep my joy of playing and that one day I would win that trophy. I am proud of my journey. And, as I said, ça has been difficult. For my parents, for my family… But ç has only strengthened me mentally" said Karim Benzema.

And to add: 'I will continue like this, I would like to thank my teammates, my great president Florentino Perez. He has always been right with me. I don't forget (Jean-Michel) Aulas and Olympique Lyonnais, without them, I could not have realized my dream.
This Ballon d'Or is individual, but it remains the people's Ballon d'Or. I think there is no age. After their thirties, many level up. It's determination, hard work. I train a lot more, I tell myself that I must not give up. I still have ambition, I would like to win the European Cup. world with the France team because these are things that remain. I hope to be in the group in Qatar, in any case it's objective because I have great confidence in myself, I have ambition. I want to go to the World Cup and do everything to win it"

A little later, in the evening, Karim Benzema spoke. in a more relaxed way, agreeing to say a few words to the journalists present to cover the event. In a press conference, first, the player who became a multi-millionaire explained; his formula on the "People's Golden Ball". : "There is nothing political about it. This is just a reference relative to from where I come, to all my fans who have supported me at every moment, even in difficult times. I want to share this trophy with them because I love sharing and they deserve it”. A little later, he added: "We will say that this is the best day of my life.

Why does Karim Benzema play with a bandage? hand?

Karim Benzema indeed plays with an important hand bandage. hand for nearly two seasons now. A strap that we put on him before each match and which is not without raising some questions among the fans of the Blues. Benzema has actually injured to hand in January 2019, in a La Liga game against Betis Seville. After a contact, the Madrid striker had then fallen. and was poorly received. on the right hand. Race report: the little finger fractured. That day, Karim Benzema, steeped in pain, will be unable to finish the game. It will however be aligned. the following days, his trainer at the time, Santiago Solari, judging the fracture not very problematic for his immediate performances, as for the rest of his career. According to Le Figaro, which recalls the anecdote, Karim Benzema has never taken the time to treat this deformed little finger. by shock! Which explains this impressive bandage that wraps a good part of his hand. every game since. The return to the French team and the participation of Benzema in; the Euro will have further delayed the deadline. Unless Benzema ended up seeing this bandage as a sort of lucky charm…

Benzema at Real Madrid

In 2009, the center forward joined the Real Madrid club. His transfer is estimated; to 35 million euros. But the beginnings in the Madrid jersey are not easy. His coach, Manuel Pellegrini preferring striker Gonzalo Higuain, Karim Benzema spends more time on the benches than on the pitch.

In 2010, Joséé Mourinho takes over the reins of the merengue club and pushes the French footballer to his limits, not hesitating to take it to part in the press. But Karim Benzema does not allow himself to be destabilized and works. His efforts paid off as he finished as the club's second top scorer, scoring 26 goals in all competitions, just behind club star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The 2011/2012 season gives the striker a new dimension. Indeed, Karim Benzema is rewarded with an undisputed starting place. On numerous occasions, the footballer was so decisive that the Spanish press regularly called him a saviour. Nicknamed Karim Benzegoal, the center forward is sacred top French scorer in the history of Real Madrid ahead of the illustrious Zinedine Zidane. Centre-forward wins Champions League away four times between 2014 and 2018 and a La Liga in 2017, during one of the most prosperous periods for the merengue club.

If the success is with go on the Iberian peninsula, the player struggles to shine in the France team. He will even hold the sad record of 1 222 minutes spent without scoring a goal. In 2014, he found the paths of the nets and flew to the World Cup in Brazil where; France will lose in the quarter-finals. In 2021, the French striker is now one of Real Madrid's captains. He notably scored the 1000th goal in the history of Real Madrid in the Champions League in 2021. He won the Champions League again with the Merengues in 2022. 

Karim's salary Benzema

Present at Real Madrid since 2009, the striker has often extended his contract. Put in competition several times, Benzema has always been able to keep his place as a holder at the helm. Madrid. In 2019, he receives a salary of 10 million euros, which makes him one of the highest paid French people in the world. 

Karim Benzema's wife

Karim Benzema had a daughter, Mélia, in February 2014 with a young nurse, Chloé Delaunay. However, the couple separated. two years later. Since then, the Frenchman has had an idyll with a model Cora Gauthier, who gave him a romantic date. a son, named; Ibrahim. The Frenchman does not like to expose his private life, but during the ceremony of the Ballon d'Or 2022, the Frenchman showed himself. alongside American model Jordan Ozuna.