Karen Lizarazo, with vallenato and feminine feeling

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With her most recent release, “En la boca”, alongside Gusi, the artist is ready to bring, from her own perspective, the folklore that has accompanied her throughout her life.

Karen Lizarazo, with vallenato and feminine feeling

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Karen Lizarazo is part of the “new wave” of vallenato. / Courtesy Universal Music

Karen Lizarazo is part of the “new wave” of vallenato. / Courtesy Universal Music

Few know the story behind the collaboration of Karen Lizarazo and Gusi. Since the Vallenata artist wrote You win crazy I longed to share a studio with this artist, although at that time the interpreter and composer was in full promotion of Locos dementes with Greeicy and Mike Bahía. But as she herself says: “God’s timing is perfect”, and surely she is not wrong when mentioning the phrase. A year ago, without imagining it, the two were in a room trying to imagine the lyrics of En la boca.

At that time they had two options. On the one hand, create a song that was about pure love, or on the other, talk about spite. However, they found a third option, to be inspired by the romance of something that is just beginning and that has not yet materialized. With all the delicacy, freshness and tenderness they developed a song that he sings at the beginning of love and that refers to the butterflies in the stomach. Gusi’s experience guided Karen Lizarazo’s voice towards a more intimate atmosphere.

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“You have ways of singing in recording studios and live. I am one of those who tries to sing the same so that people can follow the lyrics well. So he tried to take me in certain parts to do something more tender and to notice the difference between singing live and recording.

The teaching was not only for this specific moment. On the contrary, for the artist it becomes more of a doctrine of life. “Everything he taught me has helped me a lot for other recordings. For example, now I will try to do something much more intimate in the studio so that it can reach a new audience much more ”.

Those words are the preamble to what this woman wants to achieve, who sings of love, spite, nature and other themes from the feminine vision of vallenato. A short time ago, the dream of any singer came to him: to sign with a major international label. Although her musical path was growing independently, with this new opportunity, or as she herself mentions, “a great commitment”, she will open the doors to the world and she will be in charge of motivating the other Vallenato artists to follow in her footsteps. .

I think that from the hand of Universal Music comes everythingBecause the label got to get on my boat and I got to get on the label’s boat, which decided to accompany me in that truck that I had been driving alone. I think we are going to continue making things much more projected and forceful. Universal is like a giant plane that tells me: we are going to get to where all your fans dream ”.

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Karen Lizarazo remembers when at the age of 13 she decided that music would be her future. She did not expect to sing ballads or pop, since her taste was marked by the sound generated by the box, the guacharaca, the guitar and the accordion. The vallenato of his land Aguachica, Cesar. However, at that time he did not have a clear reference, Patricia Teherán had passed away for a long time and Adriana Lucía was making her own vallenato, from her Cordovan roots, while the rest of the vallenato musicians were men. Although they had opened the way to the genre at the national level and Carlos Vives had even won a Grammy for his new versions and rhythms, the history of the woman was still very short or even overshadowed.

“We felt a bit orphaned, because there was no valley to represent us. Being so young I dared to occupy that space full of machismo, but look where that beautiful feeling took me and now I am not alone, there are many more every day ”, says Karen Lizarazo with force.

For this artist, the feeling that women give to her lyrics is different from that of men. “We women needed a spokeswoman to speak for us, to say things from the heart and feeling of a woman.”

Responsibility is not easy, the performer and composer carries on her shoulders the commitment to fulfill her dream, that of her fans, those who are part of the purple stain, who praise the energy that Karen Lizarazo transmits on stage and off stage. In the same way, the artist feels the pressure to fulfill to the label what its managers have imagined with their career and, of course, mark a legacy with her own style.

“I have never been interested in fame, but in leaving a legacy in the way I make my music. Even how I behave in my personal life, someone tell me that they want to be part of Vallenato music, because maybe one day they saw me. The scare is for wanting to do things well ”.

Meanwhile, the construction of that heritage has already begun. He is enjoying the great reception of his single with Gusi, In the mouth, and every day “things are happening.”

Karen Lizarazo has just received a song that has a Mexican band and vallenato. He has been in the business of being surprised by life and does not refuse to try different sounds to add to his compositions.

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