Karelim López affirms that President Castillo is part of the mafia that operates in the MTC

Karelim López affirms that President Castillo is part of the mafia that operates in the MTC

Confession ● For four days, the businesswoman presented herself as an aspiring effective collaborator before the Public Ministry. During the interrogation, she revealed the president's participation in the irregular management of million-dollar works in the MTC and the participation of the holders of Transportation and Housing.

Karelim López affirms that President Castillo is part of the mafia that operates in the MTC

López Arredondo revealed details about alleged irregular management by the government. In his testimony, he accused President Castillo and the Minister of Transport, Juan Silva, of integrating a “mafia” in the MTC.

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On the morning of Friday, February 18, Karelim López ArredondoShe presented herself as an aspiring effective collaborator before the Public Ministry. He sat down before the provincial prosecutor Luz Taquire Reynoso and the provincial deputy prosecutor Juan Carlos Davis del Piélago, both from the seventh office of the Second Supraprovincial Corporate Prosecutor's Office Specialized in Money Laundering Crimes, to give his first statement on corruption scandals that have given in the first months of the government of Pedro Castillo.

His confession, to which El Comercioaccessed exclusively, gives details of the role of close personalities who have been related to the president, including Bruno Pacheco, Silvia Barrera, businessmen Zamir Villaverde, Alejandro Sánchez (owner of the Sarratea passenger house where Castillo dispatched), Luis Pasapera, the nephews of the president Fray Vásquez Castillo, Gian Marco Castillo Gómez and Rudbel Oblitas Paredes, the ministers Juan Silva Villegas and Geiner Alvarado and López herself.

The most relevant part of the statement is that it affirms that President Pedro Castillo is part of a mafia that operates in the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) and directs tenders for the sector, which, despite the constant changes in the Cabinet, has been in charge of Juan Silva since the rural school teacher assumed the presidency.

“Likewise, I know that there is a mafia in the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), made up of President Pedro Castillo Terrones, Minister Juan Silva, the Chinese companies Consorcio Conservación Vial Mazocruz (China Civil Engineering Construction Sucursal del Perú) and others. , always with the participation of the Peruvian company INIP Engineering Integration of Projects S.A.C., made up of Roberto Jesús Aguilar Quispe, approximately 27 years old; Thus, Zamir Villaverde García, who is the cashier, also participates in this mafia; the nephews of the president: Fray Vásquez Castillo, Gian Marco Castillo Gómez, Rousbelt [Rudbel] Oblitas Paredes [nephew on his wife's side], and five congressmen from Acción Popular,” he stated.

According to López, the company INIP Ingeniería Integración de Proyectos S.A.C., owned by Roberto Aguilar Quispe, is related to the Popular Action congressmen called 'Los Niños'. They were called that because, according to the collaborator, they obeyed everything the president said. These legislators, in turn, would be connected to Alejandro Aguilar Quispe, the true owner of the aforementioned company and who gave his signature “so that it participates with the Chinese companies in the granting of the good pro in the MTC, and who have already benefited with million-dollar contracts. Among 'The Children' are parliamentarians Raúl Doroteo, chosen by Ica, and Juan Carlos Mori Celis, chosen by Loreto. López handed over a list of seven MTC service processes in different areas of the country that would have been conducted irregularly. The referential values ​​of these works are between S/64 million and S/225 million.

The businesswoman described how the alleged mafia operated in the MTC. She pointed out that, at the beginning of the Castillo government, Villaverde “prepared the ground to put high-ranking officials” in the MTC. She “carried the CVs of those who were going to occupy positions in said entity”, among them the director of Decentralized Provías. She also changed several managers of Decentralized and National Provías. “I saw everything with the Minister of Transportation, Juan Silva, who is immovable, since he is a close friend of Pedro Castillo. […] I know that he has appointed up to four directors of those who passed through Provías, both National and Decentralized, in a period of two months. During this time, Villaverde interviewed former managers who worked at the MTC and selected them to see who was suitable for the MTC appointment. Among those managers, I remember the appointment of Alcides Villafuerte, he was a Provías manager for many years, but Zamir Villaverde wanted him to be the president of Provías Nacional. That was since approximately September 2021. I know about them because Bruno Pacheco opposed it, argued with the Minister of Transport, Juan Silva, arrived at the Council of Ministers already with the designation and handed himself over directly to Pedro Castillo. That fact motivated Bruno Pacheco's claim to Minister Juan Silva and in the discussion Minister Silva tells Pacheco that the appointment was at the request and management of Zamir Villaverde, to which Bruno Pacheco sends Alcides Villafuerte to investigate.” p>

According to the February 18 statement, Pacheco replied to López: “Minister Juan Silva and the nephews of Castillo and Zamir do not allow me anything [referring to the fact that Pacheco could not intervene in the matter of the works], because that is decided by Pedro Castillo; I can't decide anything on that subject, not even a curriculum”. Pacheco also mentioned to López that he “not worry” and that he “don't get involved in those issues because they are mafias.”

“Bruno Pacheco clarified again that the only person who can talk about these issues is Zamir Villaverde with Castillo's nephews: Gian Carlo Castillo Gómez and Fray Vásquez Castillo, and [the] Minister of Transportation, Juan Silva, who see this issue directly with President Pedro Castillo.”

—Death threat—

On February 24, while making a statement to the prosecution, Karelim López received a threat from the email [email protected]

The message read as follows: “You don't know who you're messing with. Correct what you're saying or you're going to be lighting candles for each of your children […] These are not empty threats. We have all your movements and those of your children. We know that you have been going to testify for days. Retract.”

López pointed out that at the end of last November he attended a meeting in which a nephew of President Castillo, Rudbel Oblitas, participated, who introduced him to a person allegedly close to the coordinating prosecutor Omar Tello.

“[…] introduces him to a person like the cousin of the prosecutor coordinating corruption of officials Omar Tello, whose physical characteristics were tall, corpulent and with a physiognomy similar to that of the corruption coordinator, who gave the message that everything was controlled, to keep quiet and that everything was going to be quiet,” she said.

At another point, the business consultant added: “He told her that everything was going to be calm and that President Castillo was going to meet with the 'number one' of the Public Ministry, alluding to Zoraida Ávalos”.

This newspaper sought the president's version through the Director of Communication of the Government Palace, Rodolfo Idrogo, but no response was obtained. Via social networks, President Castillo maintained that López's statement lacks substance and coherence.

“Mrs. Karelim López has given the prosecution declarations without legal support or coherence”, he pointed out. In another message through Twitter, the president pointed out that it is an attack on his government that responds to “anti-democratic maneuvers”.

In the same vein, his lawyer Eduardo Pachas spoke, stating the following: “A person who has no evidence can say anything.”

El Comercio also tried to communicate with the press area of ​​the Public Ministry to collect the defenses of the Nation's prosecutor, Zoraida Ávalos, and the coordinator of the anti-corruption prosecutors, Omar Tello. However, they did not respond.

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