Kanye West urinates on a Grammy in protest against the music industry

Kanye West urinates on a Grammy in protest against the music industry

The rapper posted a video peeing on a Grammy as a protest against the injustices of the system towards all artists

Kanye West urinates on a Grammy in protest against the music industry

Kanye West is synonymous with controversy for his constant outbursts and bipolar behavior . He has signed them in all colors, on and off the stage, now becoming an atypical candidate for the presidency of the United States. But this Wednesday on Twitter surpasses all of the above. The rapper, producer and businessman, in a dizzying chain of messages on social networks, not only charges against the music industry for the unequal treatment of blacks and his contractual dispute with record companies, but also threatens to leave music and he literally pees at one of the 21 Grammy Awards he has on display . There remains for the history of the grotesque the image of the gramophone under a golden shower of the 43-year-old artist.

“I forgive everyone in the music industry who is involved in this modern slavery. Revenge is only of the gods,” he wrote in one of his many messages, before publishing the list of 10 contracts he has signed with Universal , with the intention of being reviewed by “every lawyer in the world” and attesting to the injustice that is committed against black artists in the US. “This moment is going to change the music industry forever,” he writes, with constant Biblical references. “I am very grateful that God has put me in a strong enough position to do this.”

West, with a personal fortune of more than 1,300 million dollars and 140 million records sold , warns that the war against Universal and Vivendi will be fierce until their contracts are modified, “starting with recovering the masters for my children,” he says. “I'm not going to stop. I promise you. I'm evil and this is personal.” Sony says they won't get rid of their wrath either. “All musicians will be free.”

On Monday night, the singer already threatened to “stop publishing music until I have finished my contract with Universal and Sony.” In January 2019, West filed a lawsuit against EMI, UMG Recordings, Def Jam, and Bravado Internacional Group . In early 2020 they reached an out-of-court settlement.

A few hours later, West began with a barrage of messages on Twitter in which he quoted letters to the Romans, Ephesians and Colossians, in addition to comparing himself to Moses, referring to the NBA, the Black Lives Matter movement or posting a photo of the sofa from home, all at an insane rate. He even shares a link from Nat Turner , the American slave who has been compared to in the past and who staged a rebellion in 1831.

In the background, the bipolar disorder that he has recognized as having and recently referred to by his wife, Kim Kardashian . He wrote on his Instagram account that West not only has “the pressure of being an artist and a black man,” but that he experienced “the painful loss of his mother,” as well as having to deal “with increasing pressure and isolation. your bipolar disorder. ” He describes him, yes, as a “genius.”

The musician himself has recognized his mental health problems in the past. He did it in 2019 on David Letterman's talk show 'No introduction needed'. “When you are in this state, you are hyperparanoid about everything, everything seems like a conspiracy. You feel that the government is putting chips in your head. You feel like they are recording you. You feel all these things,” he said.

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