Kamensky said that Potap was paralyzed half of the face

Kamensky said that Potap was paralyzed half of the face

Producer Potap's wife Nastya Kamensky explained why he does not return to Ukraine. The artist explained this in an interview with the program “Everything will be kind.

Kamenskikh said that Potap's face was paralyzed

According to her, Alexey Potapenko remains in Spain for special reasons.

“Half of his face was paralyzed. We are now without adaptation and it is clear that every Ukrainian, the majority of Ukrainians, are experiencing post-traumatic stress syndrome, or depression, or panic attacks, health begins to crumble,” said Kamensky.

At the same time, Kamensky added that, despite this, Potap gives charity concerts abroad.

« Now he has several such projects that he just needs to complete. And very soon, also with great desire, he will come home,” the singer said.

At the same time, the performer urged Ukrainians to be united and not look for conflicts.

“To make excuses to someone then… look, well, I have dignity, and I'm not going to just waste time on this. I’ll go, roll up my sleeves and work,” concluded Nastya.

According to Kamensky's story, it is not entirely clear how Potap gives charity concerts if half of his face is paralyzed … Perhaps he has paresis (mild paralysis, something like convulsions)?