Kamaliya spoke about welding from a relative in Russia

Kamaliya spoke about welding from a relative in Russia

Kamaliya spoke about welding from her relative in Russia

Spivachka Kamaliya was overwhelmed by the behavior of her sister, father.

Unacceptable Rozmova with a relative from Russia became Kamaliya on the cob of a large-scale war in Ukraine. That same mate tried to reach out to all of her Russians, could you explain that the Russian Federation began to bomb peaceful places in the country.

& # 8220; My first calls were to Russia, a call to my friends, people with whom I worked. And, obviously, I called my aunt, to which she immediately said to me: & # 8220; Not true, not all fakes! Bomb yourself”. I said that she’s not normal, because now we should bomb our own places, so we just started to destroy the country & # 8221;, & # 8211; rozpovіla zіrka in іnterv’yu “Rostyslove Production”.

Spivachka shared, that she tried to get through to her father's sister in all possible ways – threw off the video, explained, the stars were flying rockets, but everything was going well.

“Vona said to me: “Tolerate a little bit, we will be at once, only Nazis will be shot at you at once”. It was simply impossible to speak with her, and all relatives, like in Ukraine, overcooked with her. 25 people, relatives, from Chernihiv, called him on the phone, there, de bulovі dії. They overpowered the video, and she said that it was fakes and editing. Like fakes, when did you know?!” – rose Kamaliya.

The only time, if the relative of the lover believed in those who in Ukraine are having a rightful war, becoming, if Bucha was called on the occupiers and the coach Kamaliy from the cinematic sport could come there. Todi, following the words of the vikonavitsa, she sent a video from her stables, in which Russian soldiers shot її horses.

“Vona, if she played the video, said that it was bad and put the hearing aid”, – raspovіla about the reaction of tіtka spіvachka.

After all, Kamaliya cut her voice’ from Russia. Spivachka knew that her aunt had been working on her leaflet until the Eighth Birch, however, the Vikonovitsa pleased her to sleep with her own brother, the father of spivachka, like wine you feel yourself in the bombed Chernihiv.