Kamaliya sensitively hoisted a roaring man with 67 riches

Kamaliya sensitively hoisted a roaring man with 67 riches

Kamaliya sensitively greeted a 67-Rich man

Kamaliya was repeatedly hounded by her luxurious booth. The woman lives as much as possible. Vaughn often rises in price, spending money on himself for a sum of pennies.

From the cob of war Kamaliya actively helps Ukraine. Vaughn constantly repaid pennies for the consumption of our army. Not long ago, a sleepover brought a miracle news to the followers. Behind the words of the star, the first sickle її kohaniy cholovіk vіdsvyatkuvav his national day. Youmu got 67 fates.

Have a great difference in the country, make friends perebuvaє have miraculous stosunkah. Kamaliya and that її cholovіk wriggle miraculous bottoms. And the stink of giving rich Ukrainian families a stink, as they suffered during the hour of the war.

Kamaliya non-abyak writes to his cohanim. On the eve of the New Year's Day, the artist published a collage of Svetlin and insanely welcomed a man with 67 riches. The photo was posted by the woman on the side of Instagram.

At the end, she said that she had made friends at the same time for 19 years. Over the course of an hour, Kamaliya was more than overwhelmed, її cohans є a wonderful man and a loving father.

< p> She also told that Mohammad Zahur actively promotes Ukraine and often engages in charity. Followers have reached the wide range of women. The stench helped the birthday man to have good health.