Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Kalush Orchestra member Sasha TAB released a song about the pursuit of ideals

Sasha TAB released the song “Quarters”/frame from the video

The long-awaited premiere of the song from the most charismatic member of the Kalush Orchestra is another reminder to ourselves and others that what we really need is nearby.

He not only released the song, but also shared its lyric video. The guide together with Radio MAXIMUM to enjoy the composition of the artist.

After the release of two lyrical songs about love by Kalush Orchestra “Angel” and “This is love”, the artist decided to release his next solo song, which also touches on the themes of love and devotion.

“Quarters” is a song about the constant pursuit of ideals and happiness, which often appears right in front of our eyes. The song reminds us that true happiness and love is usually right next to us, but we often look for something else, not noticing the main one,
comments on the new track TAB.

TAB – Quarterly: listen new product from the artist

The artist's solo composition about the importance of supporting loved ones in our the path to happiness and the time we waste in the constant pursuit of our place under the sun. The lyrics of the song make us think about our own views on life and the paths we follow, trying to find our place in this difficult world.

Fans are delighted with the new product. They left a comment in which they praised the artist for his release:

  • Cool song +1 to the playlist;
  • Cool. It's good that you are back in music and in such a good way. Do;
  • Unique voice;
  • Super! For ants;
  • < em>Congratulations on the premiere!

We encourage you to add this song to your playlist. She definitely deserves to be listened to literally to the core.

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