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Kadyrov was convicted of pedophilia and polygamy – investigation

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

Kadyrov was convicted of pedophilia and polygamy - investigation

The head of the Chechen Republic has his own harem and at the time of relationships with some women they were not even 18 years old.

As they sayin the investigation of the Russian media “Project” Due to Kadyrov's rise to power and his crimes committed during his 20 years in office, he has several permanent wives, although Russian law prohibits polygamy, as well as “a huge number of concubines.” Although during communication with his mistresses, he ordered local mullahs to issue nikahs. Islamic marriage.

“Project” talked about some of his women. Medni Kadyrov is presented as the official wife of the head of Chechnya. She allegedly gave birth to 14 children before she was 42 years old, however, this is not true, journalists say. The material claims that Kadyrov takes away children from his concubines, marriages with whom he cannot officially recognize.

Two of his women in 2006 became prize-winners of the only local beauty contest. As journalists stated, the competition was held specifically for Kadyrov — there weren’t even any outside spectators there, this was explained by “concern for” morality.

At the time of participation in the competition, both girls were 14 years old. One of them took part in the event already pregnant, the other — gave birth to a child a year and a half later.

«Kadyrov prefers virgin girls, schoolgirls or first-year students. He has an assistant who maintains contacts for many young Chechen girls, — “Project” quotes his unnamed interlocutor.

According to the publication’s sources, young women could have been “caught” even on the street on the way to study.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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