Kadyrov published a family photo with his “second wife”

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Kadyrov published a family photo with his "second wife"

Illustrative photo from open sources

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, for the first time published a family photo in which Fatima Khazuyeva is present, whom journalists call Kadyrov's second wife.

Photo from& #39;appeared in the Instagram stories of the user ya_pomoshnik_kra_95, in which Kadyrov's comments previously appeared. The  "Vazhnye istorii" calls the account as the personal Instagram of the head of Chechnya.

In the group photo, Fatima Khazuyev – far left – holds the hand of Kadyrov's eldest son Akhmat.

Kadyrov's sons and daughters, as well as his official wife Medni, are also present in the picture. The head of Chechnya published a picture in honor of the birthday of his mother Aimana Kadyrova (she is on the right of her son). Kadyrov published a family photo with his “second wife” />

According to various sources, Ramzan Kadyrov has a "second wife" which is Fatima Khazuyeva, a native of the Chechen village of Makhkety. They met in 2006 at the first and last beauty contest in modern Chechnya, where 15-year-old Khazuyeva took second place.

Channel One deleted a 2006 report on a beauty contest in Chechnya, in which Fatima Khazuyeva appeared. After the publication of the investigation, the website of the “Project” suffered a hacker attack, which made the publication unavailable.

Kadyrov's “second wife” has apartments in Moscow registered. She also owns a palace in Grozny with an area of ​​almost a hectare, located opposite Kadyrov's working residence, on the opposite bank of the Sunzha River.

The popular name of the district where Khazuyeva lives is Chisinau, as most of the streets there are named after family members. Kunta Haji Kishieva is a Sufi sheikh who is revered by Kadyrov. The estates of Magomed Daudov (speaker of the Chechen Parliament) and Adam Delimkhanov (State Duma deputy) are located there.

The Juma Mosque, located on the territory of Chisinau, is named after Shaikha Khazuyev from Grozny, who died in 2019. Khazuev is the father of Fatima Khazueva.

Prepared by Serhii Daga