Kaamelott: for Alexandre Astier, we must flee the current geek culture

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As one of the greatest artisans of French geek culture, Alexandre Astier had very harsh remarks (but also very interesting) concerning contemporary geek culture. 

Kaamelott: for Alexandre Astier, we must flee current geek culture

“It's better to try to get out of it”

Director, screenwriter, actor, composer and musician, Alexandre Astier is most certainly one of the leading figures French geek culture. With his series Kaamelott, it has become one of the spearheads of French fantasy, while achieving the synthesis between the popular and the learned. A synthesis which has moreover become his trademark, as evidenced by the exceptional success of his pieces Que ma Joie Remain! and L 'Exoconference. 

In Kaamelott as well as in his other works and in his interviews, Astier distinguished himself; as a real geek, quoting to; leisure the universe of Star Wars which he adores, role-playing games (which were essential in his training as a creator of universes), old video games, technology, Goldorak or still Sacred; Holy Grail! by Terry Gilliam. However, that doesn't prevent him from being sometimes very critical at times. about what geek culture has become

Kaamelott: for Alexandre Astier, we must flee current geek culture

Guest of honor at the last edition of the Geneva International Film Festival (the GIFF), which was held between November 4 and 13, and which rewarded; the entire career of Alexandre Astier, the director of Asterix and the Domain of the Godsgranted an interview for Couleur3's YouTube channel, in which he discussed among others his attachment to; geek culture

À At one point in my long life, I had to defend certain aspects of geek culture: role-playing, superheroes. I have already been posed questions about superheroes to a time when they hadn't invaded Hollywood yet and where? they hadn't become THE most successful license in the world, so it still had to be said that Iron Man was a character of great value, that there were thematic aspects under Bruce Banner that were very interesting. were very rich; people had to be told “It's not shit, it's not bullshit like ça that we can watch, look Strange, look at all these things, there is a lot of material underneath, very rich and very beautiful.” In France, there were four or five of us like that , to say “Careful, it's a real world down there, it's not bullshit kids”. 

Kaamelott: for Alexandre Astier, we must flee current geek culture

However, the filmmaker, whodescribes himself as “a technological geek, does not hold the same discourse; about today's much less marginalized geek culture. 

Today, defend these guys… They have the power! They are no longer at home. defend now. On the contrary, now it is better to find a way out! It is better to search, with the finger in the air, saying: Watch out, the Marvels and co., is there still what it takes there? What does ça mean Star Wars that passes at Disney, for example ?

This is not the first time that Alexandre Astier has contrasted the geek culture of his childhood with the geek culture of today. with regard to the Star Wars postlogy, or even the comparison he made, to the occasion of an interview for the channel Captain Popcorn, from the melancholy and solitary Hulk of the late 70s and the Bruce Banner appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

And you? What do you think of his words? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments section. À note that if this article interested you, and if you generally appreciate the work of Alexandre Astier, perhaps you will be curious to discover the next one project of the creator of Kaamelott centered; on Karadoc's character