K-League: Gwangyu vs Jeonbuk Motors live streaming free

K-League: Gwangyu vs Jeonbuk Motors live streaming free

Gwangyu vs Jeonbuk Motors live streaming free
Gwangyu – Jeonbuk Motors. Forecast for the South Korean Championship match (September 12, 2020).

On September 12, within the framework of the 20th round of K-League 1 at the “Gwangju World Cup” stadium, a meeting between “Gwangyu” and “Jeonbuk Motors” will take place. The middle peasant of the championship will host one of the contenders for the championship. The favorite in this pair is obvious, but it will definitely not be easy for him. Will there be a sensation? Read about it in our forecast.

FC Gwangju
“Gwangyu” spent August quite shock for itself. After a one-month failure, where the team of eight games lost six and won only one, the unbeaten run of six games continues to this day. Another thing is that there were slightly more victories (two), most often the team reduces the matches to a draw, which prevents the club from taking not seventh place, but, for example, fifth or sixth.

However, I must say that points have recently been scored against top clubs. In the last round, for example, we managed to defend a draw in the game against the leader – Ulsan (1: 1). Will this feat be repeated today?

Jeonbuk Motors could well come up to the twentieth round in first place, but two unexpected defeats in a row from the middle peasants in the person of Gangwon (1: 2) and Seongnam (0: 2) did not allow this to happen. And if today’s opponent had not taken the points from Ulsan, the Greens would have lagged behind by seven points. But if the team continues to stumble like this further, then there is a risk of completely rolling back to the third line.

“Gwangyu” is an opponent from the same category as the previous two. In the lost matches, which is typical, the “warriors” had absolutely no statistical superiority, which already suggests that the game is far from all right.

In the first round, Chonbuk Motors were stronger – 1: 0;
“Gwangyu” at home has not lost to “Chonbuk” three meetings in a row (two draws and one win);
The hosts have not won at home in the championship since June 17.
Personal meetings
06/21/20 Jeonbuk FC Gwangju ten
08/19/17 Jeonbuk FC Gwangju 3: 1
07/19/17 Jeonbuk FC Gwangju 3: 1
04/30/17 FC Gwangju Jeonbuk ten

Guests are well aware that they should never lose points today. The hosts are in good shape, which means that the underdog will be able to impose the fight on the favorite. Nevertheless, it will not be easy for Gwangyu to win, because the Greens will come out charged after two failures. However, let’s not be so skeptical about the chances of an outsider, they are capable of at least one point.

Our prediction is that Chonbuk Motors will not lose and the total is less than (3.5) goals with 1.74 odds from BC Fonbet.

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