Cristiano Ronaldo is at the center of a scandal in Italy and his last game is controversial in Portugal. Finally, Thierry Henry is the big favorite to succeed Roberto Martinez, find the latest information from the sports press in your Foot Mercato press review.

Juventus' exorbitant debt to Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry big favorite to lead Belgium

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    South Korea 2 – 1

    Juventus' exorbitant debt to Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry big favorite to lead Belgium


    • Kim Young-Gwon 27'
    • Hwang Hee-Chan 90+1'
    • Ricardo Horta 5'

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Ronaldo's gold medal

Cristiano Ronaldo is at the heart of a scandal in Italy. A few days ago, La Gazzetta Dello Sportreported to us that Juventus had been indicted by the Turin public prosecutor's office for alleged falsification of accounts. Among those documents was a form signed by Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus stipulating that the club would pay the Portuguese striker €19.9 million during the pandemic, a deal which was not stated in his figures. Well, we know a little more this morning in today's edition. CR7 would not have yet received all the promised sum, Juve still has a strong debt to him. There would be 3 documents precisely which incriminate the Old Lady, and in parallel, Ronaldo. The first speaks of a bonus in the event of redundancy, the second of a bonus to be paid at the end of July of this year. And the last of a bonus if Ronaldo had stayed at the club. All his expenses would be non-existent in the accounts of the Turin club. Decidedly, it does not smell good for Juve.

The controversial gesture of CR7

What makes the media react the most in Portugal is another CR7 controversy. As seen on A Bola, the substitution of Andre Silva by Cristiano Ronaldo in the 65th minute was one of the most striking moments of the game. The Portuguese captain left visibly annoyed, hurling insults. Ronaldo reportedly muttered, “He kinda…wants to take me out. ” Words that many thought were intended for his coach Fernando Santos. But in fact, he was speaking to a Korean, which would explain his gesture where we see him asking his opponents to be quiet. As O Jogo reports in its edition of the day, CR7 immediately denied after the match the controversy that linked him to his coach. This is what he said: “What happened is that before my substitution, the South Korean player told me to leave the field quickly. I told him to shut up because he doesn't have that authority.” Finally, as the Record newspaper explains, the pressure of the World Cup brought out any Ronaldo's nervousness and frustration.

Henry the Red Devil

Many selections eliminated from the 2022 World Cup are preparing for change, especially on the side of the Red Devils. Roberto Martinez has announced that he is resigning from his post at the head of Belgium, he must quickly find a replacement. And for now, the favorite for the Last Hour is Thierry Henry. For Belgian journalists, he knows the house well, he can at least take over while waiting for a replacement. The other option considered by the federation is Michel Preud'homme. The former Red Devils goalkeeper is currently free after leaving Standard Liège in 2021. In Germany, too, there are doubts about Hansi Flick. This morning, Bild journalists are wondering if he is still the right person to lead the Nationalmannschaft far in the next Euro on home soil, when he looks already exhausted after 16 months at the job. For now, the manager categorically refused to resign. He would have summoned his players at 3am to remobilize them as the next European competition approaches with a promise: “We will come back stronger!


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