Justin Trudeau accused China of 'aggressively' interfering in Canadian elections

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The Canadian premier spoke out in relation to a series of investigations detailing how the Beijing regime has been financing a clandestine network of at least a dozen candidates for the next elections

Justin Trudeau accused China of

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accused the Chinese regime of “aggressively interfere” in the electoral processes of Canada through “games” and given the possibility that Beijing has Ottawa as the target of this type of interference.

This is how the president has spoken in relation to a series of investigations published by the television network Global News, which allegedly detail how Chinahas been financing a clandestine network of at least a dozen candidates ahead of the presidential elections.

In addition, it points to Chinese interference in the context of the 2019 electoral campaigns. “We have taken significant measures to reinforce the integrity of our electoral processes and we will continue to invest in the fight against interference, against foreign interference in our democracy and institutions”, Trudeau asserted.

“Unfortunately we see how some countries and state actors, be it China or others, continue to play aggressively with our democracies,” he said after Canadian intelligence sources delivered documents to the Cabinet with accusations and details about alleged measures implemented by Beijing to increase its influence and “subvert the democratic process ” in Canada.

The aforementioned television network has indicated that the Chinese regime would have placed Chinese advisers to the campaigns of some candidates. Likewise, he would have made donations to the campaign offices of several deputies.

For its part, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has stressed that Beijing “lacks interest” in Canadian domestic politics and has defended itself against the accusations, according to China News.

The spokesman of the Ministry, Zhao Lijian, has pointed out that relations between the two countries “can only be built on the basis of respect, equity and mutual benefit”. “The Canadian side must stop making these kinds of statements, which are detrimental to bilateral relations”, he has argued.

Justin Trudeau accused China of

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian

Meanwhile, the head of the Chinese regime Xi Jinping assured he got a third term after the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party was held in recent days.

“We have resolutely led a fight against separatism and interference , and demonstrated our determination and ability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity and oppose Taiwan independence,” Xi said in the opening speech of the congress.

< b>Xi Jinping assured that his country is at “a critical moment”, at the inauguration of the Chinese Communist Party congress.

“The 20th National Congress of the The Communist Party of China is a very important congress at a critical time when the entire party and the people of all ethnic groups are embarking on a new journey to build a modernized socialist country,” Xi said. before the delegates gathered in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

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