Justice League : the Snyder Cut soon unveiled, why it is a very good news !

Justice League : la Snyder Cut bientôt dévoilée, pourquoi c'est une très bonne nouvelle !

Justice League : the Snyder Cut soon unveiled, why it is a very good news !

It’s official, we will have the right to the Snyder Cut. Zack Snyder announced this Wednesday, may 20, his version of the film Justice League – released in 2017 at the cinema, will be really the day by 2021 on the streaming platform, HBO’s Max. And yes, it is a very good news.

This is what the Snyder Cut ?

Originally, it is Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, Batman V Superman), which should be the only director of the movie Justice League out by 2017 at the cinema. Unfortunately, while the filmmaker had filmed all the scenes he wished, he was forced to leave the project in the course of the journey following the suicide of his daughter. In fact, Warner Bros. has hired the director Joss Whedon (Avengers 1 & 2) in order, officially, to manage the post-production and possible reshoots to allow the film to come out in time. However, as they were finally able to discover it in theaters, Warner Bros and Joss Whedon have actually touched the film much more than necessary to the point of completely rewriting it (new vibe, new, your, mean, deleted, scenes are re-invented…) in order to stick a little more to the spirit of a Marvel. What we offer a very disappointing result, and frustrate all the fans of the work of Zack Snyder, who, therefore, have never ceased to claim HIS version of the film that he was to have had the time to go home (despite the special effects in the least).

Why the output of the Snyder Cut is good news

A vision of the author found

After Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, Justice League was supposed to be a new chapter in the saga super-heroic Zack Snyder. And whether they like it or not, these movies, this one had for goal to legitimize precedents, to bring a new breath to the genre and to bring these characters (Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman) to new heights. In short, the idea was really to say something and not just be a poor copy of Marvel. There was a true vision of the author behind this project. Impossible to the look of the film released in 2017 ? On the contrary. The director comes to the charge, his version will have a duration of 4 hours (!) – against 2h for that of Joss Whedon, and most importantly, will have about 75% of new things. In other words, if you don’t like Justice League, you say well that Snyder Cut has nothing to do with it and will tell a whole other story, much more consistent with the world established by Snyder in recent years.

A project that federates

From afar, one might think that it is simply a whim of the director who finally got what he wanted. Yet, this project goes well beyond Zack Snyder. Over the years, the actors (Jason Momoa and Henry Cavill the first), and members of the technical team have continued to teaser that Snyder Cut, covering it with praise each time. Has to listen to them, the creative significance of this version would be such that it would have been unfair of us to deprive him of it. Proof that all this small world really believes in that other movie ? 3 years after the cinema release of the Justice League, they should all be for the fine tune. Warner Bros has granted a new budget of $ 30 million to complete a maximum of special effects, and the actors should return to, if necessary, to shoot some additional dialog (no new scenes, just the sound). What prove the true unity behind the Zack Snyder”s ‘Justice League’ and become aware of its magnitude.

A historical film

Speaking of scale, the formalization of this Zack Snyder”s ‘Justice League’ marks a historic turning point in the history of cinema. By authorizing the release of this version on HBO-Max – the future platform for streaming HBO, Warner Bros repudiates entirely vis-à-vis its past decisions on this film. And this is not anecdotal. Because after the commercial failure that was the Justice League, to see the studio out of new $ 30 million for such a project has the allure of a “mea culpa” in public and has a certain irony tasty (we would not be here if everything had been respected from the beginning). Therefore, even if it is still too early to know if this will motivate actually the studio has (finally) leave the hands free to its authors so that they can relate their visions because they know better than any ruler that is useful and necessary for their films, it brings a certain trust that was lost with time. And it may be the best thing that could happen to the DCEU.

Differences between Snyder Cut, and the Justice League

The end of a movement

As you know, this Snyder Cut should have a few defects. It is not known if the new budget special effects will be enough and at what point the version that we will be available in 2021 will be complete or still in a draft state. Its online availability will therefore be a true artistic experience, and it is an important element to keep in mind.

Nevertheless, we can already delight in one thing : it will put an end to the movement #ReleaseTheSnyderCut launched on social networks (and sometimes in the real world) and it is so much better. So yes, it is thanks to the mobilization of the fans that this project will finally see the light of day, but it is important to note that part of this fan-base does not have the clean hands and is proven to be dangerously toxic in recent years. Slurs, online harassment, trolls of the bottom floor, spam to death… not everything has been done in the rules to support Zack Snyder. Also, see this movement is about to come to an end is a relief as the image of a public that is passionate is not out grown, to the point of sadly to minimize the great initiatives made by others to talk about this film. Example : a pool has raised more than $ 150 000 to $ destination American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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