Jurassic Park: Sam Neill tells how he almost died on the set

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A real box office success when it was released in theaters in 1993, Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park garnered a smash hit of 100,000 pounds. nearly $980 million worldwide and won 3 Oscars. Thanks to; this success, the film gave birth at; a franchise but you should know that the filming of the first opus could have turned into a tragedy as one of the main actors in the production tells us who almost died

Jurassic Park: Sam Neill tells how he almost died on set

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A cult film that almost proved fatal for the actor

Jurassic Parkhas revolutionized the cinema thanks to the special effects used by Steven Spielberg. But the dinosaurs weren't the only stars of this film because around them, cult actors such as Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill were at work. the poster of this blockbuster

Jurassic Park: Sam Neill tells how he almost died on set

Sam Neill, who plays paleontologist Alan Grant and who revealed there is little to be touched; by a blood cancer, has just started to write his memoirs titled Did I Ever Tell You This?. He looks back on his career and his participation in Jurassic Park which gave him allowed to be exposed to the general public. In his writings, the actor explains that the shooting of the Spielberg film nearly cost him his life

As reported by Insider who was able to obtain the writings of the actor, in September 1992, the filming was relocated; to Kauai in the Hawaiian archipelago in order to shoot the last sequences of the film. However, the entire team nearly died due to a disaster that befell this part of the Pacific.

Jurassic Park: Sam Neill tells how he almost died on set

En Indeed, Hurricane Iniki hit the archipelago at this period. The passage of this category 4 hurricane is devastating since thousands of houses were destroyed and several deaths were recorded. The amount of damage is estimated. to over $3 billion. The actor says: 

One morning we were told to stay at; the hotel and to expect a hurricane later in the day. I was on the beach with Laura Dern who asked me; : 'Sam, do you think we're going to die today?'. As these huge black clouds approached the Pacific, I had to tell him that in all honesty the answer was yes, I thought we might die. It turned out that we came very close to death. 

Jurassic Park: Sam Neill tells how he almost died on set

< h2>The whole team came close to the near death

Fortunately for the cast and the completeness of the production team, Iniki did not pass; very quickly on the island although its passage is still visible today. If the hurricane had remained longer, their chance of survival would have been more than limited:

I think after three or four hours the hurricane moved away, leaving us surrounded by the rubble of our huge hotel. I'm pretty sure that's why we were spared by a major tidal wave in our ballroom, which was located a few meters above sea level, a tidal wave that would probably have drowned us all. 

A filming memory that Sam Neill won't soon forget. And even if he almost died that day, he absolutely does not regret having participated. to Jurassic Park which allowed him to make lifelong friends with Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum who ended up in Jurassic World: The World After >. 

Jurassic Park: Sam Neill tells how he almost died on set

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