Junior thrashed his team 3-0 in the quarterfinals of the Copa Colombia.

Atlético Nacional completed seven dates without winning in official tournaments and the star 17, with what happened in the last matches, seems like a very, very distant memory . The team led by Hernán Darío Herrera lost 3-0 to Junior and relived the nightmares of the match against the same rival in the League match, less than a month ago.

At the end of the game, coach Hernán Darío Herrera left his feelings after this win that left him in a bad position in the Colombia Cup.

Junior beat Nacional again, this time in the Colombia Cup Deportivo Pasto,! sanctioned because of a dog!

“You have to congratulate Junior for that good first half, the second, I think Nacional leveled it. Then comes a play on the second goal that is best discussed by you,we simply have to say that it is lost, that this score is high for us, but we have the series back in Medellin and we will see what happens”, said Herrera.

Herrera spoke about Nacional's problems in the aerial game

About the goals that National received above. Herrera indicated: “Nacional does not suffer from aerial play, we only neglected ourselves in the play of the third goal, which was a corner kick, we loosened our mark. But I think the team is doing well.”

Herrera insinuated that Diego Ruiz's arbitration influenced the result. “The team fought, the second half was very good, we must appreciate that. We can't handle other things and it's better for other people to judge them. We have to work to raise the level of the team. The rival in the first half put a lot of pressure on us, they didn't let the attacking players get together and that's why I think we have to give credit to Junior”, he expressed.

Regarding the few reinforcements that arrived and the multiple departures of the team that was champion, the 'Arriero' remarked: “The reinforcements are there, (Andrés) Román arrived and I think the rest of the reinforcements are there. This semester we hope to get face, it was the team that came out champion, forward I don't know what will happen, but I want to continue leading this team until the end.Regarding what is coming in the near future and the possibility that he will leave office, Herrera commented: “We must have more confidence, more games and more work time. We have to watch and work for this team to improve. At Nacional, the coach is willing to be questioned, especially when games are lost. This was a game of the two in the series, we have 90 minutes left against Junior and in the League, we have played four games, we still have a long time to go. Saying other things is not right at the moment”.

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The critics to Jarlan Barrera's gesture

Of Jarlan Barrera's gesture to the stands when he was removed from the field, Hernán Darío said: “I didn't see what gesture he made, only that Many things were thrown at us from the stands.”

Finally, the technician said: “We try to do things right, we come from a title, after a break we are going back to work, without having much weather. This is long, we still have games ahead of us and this is just beginning. We have to start winning to get to eight and fight for the title”.

Juan Camilo Álvarez Serrano
Futbolred Correspondent
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