Julie and the Phantoms: a season 2 planned? Kenny Ortega answers us (Interview)

Julie and the Phantoms: producer and director Kenny Ortega in interview Available since September 10 on Netflix, will the musical series Julie and the Phantoms be entitled to a season 2 after the cliffhanger at the end of its 9th episode? PRBK asked the question of Kenny Ortega, producer and director of the series. Check out his interview.

After High School Musical and the Descendants saga on Disney Channel, it is on the Netflix side that Kenny Ortega unveils his new projects. The ex-choreographer is the producer and director of the musical series Julie and the Phantoms which tells how a young girl will regain a taste for music with the help of the members of a group … dead for 25 years! A feel-good series released on September 10 on the platform and that, like us, you have surely already binge-watchered. If so, you must ask yourself if a sequel is planned. PRBK asked Kenny Ortega the question during an interview.

A possible season 2 … and a tour!

If you loved Julie and the Phantoms , good news: a sequel could well see the light of day! Even though it has not been officially commissioned by Netflix, a season 2 of the series could well be on the program, if the show wins over viewers. Kenny Ortega told us in any case that the team is ready! “ Here in the States, we don't know at all if the rest of the world is watching the show. If that's the case and people like the show and support it, we're ready. We would love, once we will have the opportunity, do a season 2. “he told us during an interview conducted remotely.

But this is not the only idea of the team: they want to organize a tour if the show's success is there. ” We would love to tour (…) Bring Julie and the Phantoms to Europe, South America and North America, ” explains the director and producer of the show. All that's left to do is cross your fingers!

Discover his interview in full in our slideshow.

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