Julián Álvarez's goal in his debut: he scored the 1-1 of Manchester City vs. Liverpool | VIDEO

Julián Álvarez's goal in his debut: he scored the 1-1 of Manchester City vs. Liverpool | VIDEO

Manchester City could not find a way to score against Liverpool, but Julián Álvarez appeared to solve the problem: he picked up a rebound and placed the partial tie, after a VAR review.

Julián Álvarez's goal in his debut: he scored 1-1 Manchester City vs. Liverpool | VIDEO

Julián Álvarez scored his first goal for Manchester City on his official debut. (Photo: ESPN Capture)

Manchester City did not have a good attacking performance against Liverpool in the Community Shield, but the problems were solved by Julián Álvarez , who made his official debut. The Argentine striker was attentive in the small area to pick up a rebound and beat goalkeeper Adrián: the action had been annulled, although the VAR rectified it.

The match was approaching 70 minutes and the 'Citizens' were still unclear on offense. However, an efficient counterattack arrived, which was caused precisely by the 'Spider', who went back to his field and took the ball from Colombian Luis Díaz.

After that, the ball went to the location of Bernardo Silva and the Portuguese chose to look for Julián Álvarez himself. The aerial shot was difficult to control, although the striker solved it well: he made a header for Erling Haaland. The Norwegian controlled and quickly opened the field for Kevin de Bruyne, from the right.

The Belgian midfielder settled in and assisted Phil Foden, who He arrived free to define against Adrián. At first, the goalkeeper held back, but left a long rebound, which was used by the former River Plate player, who appeared to inflate the nets, surprising everyone in Liverpool.

However, the celebration was halted by an offside call by assistant referee Craig Pawson. Immediately, the play was reviewed by the VAR and there was a correction minutes later, since there was no advanced position or fault in the action of the goal. After the goal was confirmed, Julián Álvarez was hugged by his teammates and received the support of Pep Guardiola.