Julia Otero announces in her program that she has cancer

Julia Otero announces in her program that she has cancer

The journalist Julia Otero has announced this Monday the start of her program Julia in the wave who has cancer, so she will be a few weeks away from her work before the microphone. Otero has explained: “The Last Tuesday, in a routine check, the kind that we all have to do, the surprise came. Selfish cells appeared in a little corner, as Dr. López Otín calls them ”. He added: “The word cancer is scary, but I have been learning to pronounce it in the first person for six days. It is not easy, but there we are. You have to call things by their names. ”

Julia Otero , 61, has advanced that she will be away from the microphones for some time, but she intends not to completely disconnect from the airwaves:“ I'm going to be a little bit of time , not much, a little knocked out. A few months. Although my oncologist says that between chemo and chemo, stop me from nonsense and go to the radio to give you a bit of trouble. And that's what I plan to do: take a walk. And I threaten to do it as soon as I can. Otero showed his gratitude to his co-workers on the radio: “To the girls and boys of JELO . This is an extraordinary team in every way. Professionally they are very good, but their strength is the human category. ”

The journalist, after working in various spaces at Radio Juventud and Radio Miramar, in 1985 began directing and presenting at the Cope Crónicas al alba . Between 1991 and 1999 he presented the program La Radio de Julia on Onda Cero, which at first was broadcast at night until it moved to the evening schedule due to its success.

Between 2006 and the summer of 2007 he presented the last program on Punto Radio section of the Protagonistas space, led by Luis del Olmo. After ending his relationship with this station, in September 2007 Otero returned to Onda Cero , where he has been on the air for more than 13 years.

He has also been a face of television, where he has presented successful programs. On TV3 he made the magazine La Column for four seasons .

Julia Otero is married and has a daughter. Both her husband, Josep Martínez, and her daughter are doctors. He is currently the head of the home emergency service at the Hospital de Barcelona and a member of the board of directors of the medical insurance company Assistència Sanitària, as reported in by his LinkedIn profile . Their daughter, Candela Otero, was registered with the maternal surname first by decision of the couple. It was “a claim, not to accept the status quo just because. You have to take into account other types of reasons and not what tradition dictates, ”explained the journalist to the magazine Semana .

Julia Otero has said that she is experiencing the coronavirus crisis with concern, especially for her only daughter, Candela, who as a doctor fight to fight the pandemic. “Half suffering, half mommy pride. I see her as a girl … But she goes out every morning to fight like a warrior with her mask, "the journalist recently wrote on her Instagram profile along with a photo of the young woman.

Otero has lived in Barcelona since she was three years old. . His parents emigrated from Galicia to seek a better future. At the age of 17 he began his career in the world of communication with the program Protagonista, el cine , on Radio Sabadell. In the eighties it went through Radio Juventud, Radio Miramar and the Cope network. It was in those years that she began dating the journalist Ramón Pellicer, whom she married in 1987 and from whom she divorced six years later. The same year of his connection, he made his debut on the small screen with Una historia particular , broadcast on the Catalan circuit of Televisión Española.

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