Judge who released 13 alleged criminals made the decision based on the Constitution and “not with the words of the mayor”

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At the arrest legalization hearing, the possible thieves said that some of them are fathers and mothers who are heads of households, which is why they could not be sent to jail

The judge who released 13 alleged criminals made the decision based on the Constitution and &ldquo ;not in the words of the mayor”

Claudia López, mayor of Bogota. Photo: Infobae (Jesús Avilés)

This Tuesday, November 8, 13 people were captured, presumably in flagrante delicto, robbing passengers from a TransMilenio bus that was circulating on 26th Street. white and firearms. However, for the guarantee control judge, the use of said elements in the robbery was not proven, and she also pointed out that those involved had no criminal record.

In that order, the togada set them free, arguing in passing that keeping them in jail would cost the state almost 300 million pesos a year.

On this, he stated that “Between state interests and fundamental rights cannot be solved by appealing to the clamor of the majority, nor to popular indignation, nor to pronouncements of the lady mayor, but in the direct application of the Constitution and the law”, referring to Claudia López, who has been blunt with the processes of judicialization of those who are captured and left in custody. freedom soon.

Even in the middle of the hearing, one of the alleged criminals asked the togada if, according to the authorities, they were detained in flagrante delicto, where were the weapons with which they would have committed the massive theft.

““I want to ask something and it is that they say they caught us in flagrante delicto, right? But then if they caught us in flagrante delicto , where are the supposed pistols that they say we had”, questioned one of those involved in the robbery.

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It is worth mentioning that, precisely, one of the voices that expressed its rejection of the decision to the judge was Mayor Claudia López. On the afternoon of this Tuesday, November 8, she expressed her dissatisfaction through her Twitter account for the judge's determination.

“13 robbers captured by the Bogotá Police with knives and firearms, in flagrante delicto after having robbed and injured the victims, with cell phones and other belongings stolen in Transmilenio. The Prosecutor requested detention in jail. The judge of guarantees denied it and set them free,” trilled the president.

The judge who released 13 alleged criminals made the decision based on the Constitution and &ldquo ;not in the words of the mayor”

The mayor of the city, Claudia López, spoke about the judge's actions and published without censorship the photo of the members of the criminal gang

Added to that, the president questioned the work done by the Ministry of Justice and the Congress of the Republic, because according to her, they do not have as a priority to face impunity for crimes such as theft and sexual harassment.

What else does What happens so that the Ministry of Justice and Congress understand that ensuring justice instead of impunity for robbery, harassment and other alleged 'minor crimes' should be their priority?” asked Mayor López< /b>. In addition to that, minutes before he had shared another tweet in which he showed his discontent with the recurrence of Juan Pablo González, a possible aggressor of the minor.

“The one captured for abusing Hilary had already been caught for obscene sexual acts. The community denounced him, the police captured him. A prosecutor on duty set him free. 10 days later he abused Hilary” tweeted López reiterating her dissatisfaction with the impunity in the city. This has generated several calls from the Judicial Branch and even a request for an investigation by the Attorney General.