Juanes premieres his new single ‘Amores Prohibidos’

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The Colombian publishes the first single of what will be his tenth album, which will be released in early 2023

Juanes releases his new single ‘Amores Prohibidos’

'Amores Prohibidos' is the first single from what will be Juanes' tenth studio album. It is expected to be published in the first months of 2023

After a period in which he focused on keeping moving with projects less related to composition, such as the reissue of his classic LP Un Día Normal on the occasion of his 20th Anniversary, or the 2021 album of versions 'Origen', in which pays tribute to artists such as Juan Gabriel, Diomedes Diaz, Bruce Springsteen or Bob Marley among others; Juanes returns to the ring with a new song that serves as a preview of what will be his tenth studio work.

Entitled 'Amores Prohibidos'< /b>, follows the most liberated line of the Antioqueño in recent years. It doesn't stick strictly to the verbose pop rock format that characterized his most acclaimed works of the 2000s, and it doesn't have very obvious melodic hooks or intended to be hits. In fact, if something characterizes this new single, it is the riff guitar, passed through effects that gives it an adventurous and vibrant tone. It has several rhythm changes, including an acoustic part that precedes Juanes' own guitar solo, and a brief flirtation with cumbia in the final part.

According to the artist, 'Amores Prohibidos' began to be conceived during the confinement as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, which forced them to stop their live activity and try projects such as the album of versions 'Origen' to stay afloat:

< blockquote class="color_figcaption">“It started at that time of the pandemic. One day I woke up in the morning to read the press and found an article that talked about what was going to happen to the people who couldn't see each other because of the running of the bulls and wondered what would happen to those forbidden loves. It made me curious and that's where the idea for the lyrics began”

The lyrics were co-written with Cuban Alexis Díaz Pimienta, a Cuban writer and improviser based in Spain. For his part, the music was recorded by Juanes himself in his home studio.

“There will be those who bless them or not, whether it is correct or not, but they are part of everyday life ”

Regarding the new album, Juanes expressed his excitement:

“I am very excited about the new music to come. It doesn't mean that the whole album is going to sound the same as the song, rather it is part of a puzzle that is there”

The Colombian also explained the idea behind the music video for 'Amores Prohibited':

“The idea of ​​the video is special because almost everything flows around the bed, and this bed is not life-size but a king-size bed. There is a camera that goes around and around above the bed and next to the bed. The characters are always changing, and it shows a bit that idea of ​​the constant transformation of the human being, of love, of sex, the desires that we live and think on a daily basis.”

The new album, for now without a confirmed title, was recorded by Juanes hand in hand with the Argentine-American producer and composer Sebastian Krys, who also expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of this new production, at the beginning of 2023:

“I think Juanes has reconnected with his innovative and bold songwriting that defined him early in his career. This song sounds 100% Juanes and at the same time it is different from anything he has done before. Juanes has always been an innovator. Writing during the pandemic made him connect with his day to day. His children, his wife, his music, his fears and passions. It's evident to me that he's tapped into another level of musical exploration and curiosity that only few artists ever achieve.”

In the last few days, leading up to the song's release, Juanes organized a campaign through TikTok in which he introduced his followers to the creative process that led to the new song, breaking it down into short videos explaining how the lyrics, the guitar riff, the rhythm of the electronic drums or the keyboards of the theme. In total, these short videos reached over nine million views.

Listen to 'Amores Prohibidos' below.