Juanes and his story as the first Latino with a special release of Dolby Atmos

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The sound quality with this technology is the same as what can be seen in theaters

Juanes and his story as the first Latino with a special release of Dolby Atmos

Colombian singer Juanes is the first Latino singer to launch a disc using Dolby Atmos audio technology.

Colombian singer Juanes became the first Latin artist to preview a new album using Dolby Atmos high-quality audio technology in a multi-company collaboration, including find Apple, Universal Music Group, Dolby and more.

In the days leading up to the awards ceremony< b> Latin Grammy , which will be held today at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas, the singer experimented with sound quality different from what can be found in the Latin American market and allows an surrounding sound experience that favors users, who will be able to have a more fidelity audio.

“It is an honor to have been selected as the first artist to participate in this incredible collaboration; something that will allow me to share my music and message in a new and impactful way,” said Juanes during the launch event. In addition, he indicated that people who listen to this content will be able to enjoy an album “the way I always imagined and intended it to sound”.

What is the Dolby Atmos system

This audio technology is aimed especially for cinema experiences, so it is common to find it in movies. However, with advances in surround sound technology, it is possible that it can be integrated into equipmentsound at home to experience better audio quality without having to attend cinema shows.

Juanes and his story as the first Latino with a release Dolby Atmos special

Dolby Atmos sound. (photo: movilzone.com)

With Dolby Atmos, users will be able to hear the soundin different ways depending on the distance and the direction from which it comes. Not only are they limited to generating a sound experience from the left or right of the person, but they also include sound sources coming from above or below for a more realistic feeling.

“Normally when you hear classic sound it comes from the speakers of the system in front of you. Well, this technology it allows the sound that is emitted from the device to bounce off the ceiling and walls, producing the effect as if it were in a movie theater,” Yeison Gonzalez, Regional trainer of told Infobae Sony Latin America.

Where to find Dolby Atmos quality sound

However, this is not the only way to have high-quality sound experiences. Currently the streaming service of Apple Music already integrates Dolby Atmos in some of its songs, while Spotify has Spotify HiFi, its own version of this sound quality that was launched within the platform in 2021.

Other platforms that are included in the offer of this sound quality are Tidal, Amazon Music and Apple Music in their premium versions have access to this technology, while on the side of streaming platforms, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ support Dolby Atmos in movies and TV shows.

Juanes and his story as the first Latino with a special release of Dolby Atmos

Spatial audio on AirPods. (Photo: Actualidad iPhone)

In the case of Apple TV, this service is offered through its Smart TV applications and its own decoder in addition to Roku devices, as well as Android TV boxes, such as the Nvidia Shield TV and Amazon's Fire TV.

Even some hearing aids have the ability to support this technology. In the case of the new Airpods Pro and iOS 16, these have a custom Spatial Audio feature and are supported by Apple specifications. for improvements when listening to music with Dolby Atmos sound features.

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