Juan Silva: Police raided the possible hiding place of the fugitive former minister in Carabayllo

Juan Silva: Police raided the possible hiding place of the fugitive former minister in Carabayllo

In the house seized on Monday, police agents found the passport of the former head of the MTC. On Tuesday they entered another property in Ventanilla. Both properties are related to someone close to the person investigated in the case of the alleged corruption network in the Transport and Communications sector.

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 Juan Silva: Police raided the possible hiding place of the fugitive former minister in Carabayllo

PNP raided a property in Ventanilla last Tuesday. The property is related to someone close to former Minister Silva.

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Carlos Neyra

After receiving an informant's version of the alleged presence of fugitive former minister Juan Silva Villegas last Sunday in a house in the district of Carabayllo, agents of the Anticorruption Police of the National Police entered the home on Monday and found the passport of the former head of the Ministry of Transport and Communications< /b>(MTC) and clothing that would belong to you. Silva is investigated together with the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, for the case of the alleged criminal network to distribute works from that sector.

According to El Comercio sources, the police officers went the same Sunday night to the area indicated by the informant, but intervened another building. The informant, who seeks to receive the reward of S/50,000, contacted them again that same day and indicated the exact location in the Santa María urbanization, in the aforementioned district of North Lima.

According to the version, the anonymous complainant pointed out that, after the failed police intervention, an orange truck left the house where the former minister was supposedly hiding with an unknown destination. He added that he was unable to write down the license plate number, but assured that he saw Silva inside the vehicle when it was leaving the building.

With these scopes provided by the informant, and after identifying that the property belongs to Carmen Alcalá Pimentel, a person close to Silva, the policemen returned the Monday. After 8 p.m. that day, a group of agents whose objective is the immediate capture of the fugitive entered the house through the roof, to prevent a possible escape of the former minister and his companions.

In reviewing the site, agents from the Anti-Corruption Police found a black plastic bag containing Silva's biometric passport and clothing belonging to the former minister.

After analyzing what was found, the police raided the house where Alcalá's sister, María Alcalá Pimentel, and her partner Germán lived. Malca.

Last Tuesday, around 11 p.m., after several hours of surveillance, police agents intervened the building located in the human settlement Los Cedros, in the district of Ventanilla, Callao, which appears in the name of Rosario Malca Cerna, 74, father of Germán Malca.

During the raid, Malca and María Alcalá arrived at the scene in an MG truck with license plate BJS-511, “black orange” in color, which they both own. The characteristics of the vehicle corresponded to what was indicated by the informant.

Juan Silva: Police raided possible hiding-place of fugitive ex-minister in Carabayllo< /p>In the Ventanilla building, a vehicle was found with characteristics similar to those of the orange truck that, according to the informant, was used by Juan Silva to flee.

Later, the policemen showed a photograph of the truck to the informant and he stated that it was the same vehicle he saw on Sunday night in the Carabayllo district and that would have transferred Silva.

With the knowledge of the Public Ministry, the agents seized the cell phones of the three people who lived in the Ventanilla building.

Upon reviewing them, they noted that Silva's phone number was recorded in the contact records and that the WhatsApp messages exchanged with the former minister had been deleted.

Carmen Rosa Alcalá Pimentel, who is believed to be close to the fugitive, visited the offices of the Ministry of Transport and Communications when Silva was at the head of that sector.

The acquaintance of the former minister entered on January 13 of this year to meet with the general secretary of the MTC, Richard Armando Mori Ampuero. The meeting with the official lasted about an hour. The records of visits to the sector do not specify the reason for the meeting between Alcalá and Mori.

Police sources related to the operations deployed to arrest the former minister indicate that there is an order from the general command of the police to find the whereabouts of him before the weekend. However, so far, the closest he has come to Silva has been thanks to information provided by an informant last Sunday.