Juan Pablo González, accused of abusing Hilary at a TransMilenio station, would have a record for obscene acts on public roads

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The aggressor is accused of having harassed different women in a Cedritos park, located in the north of Bogotá

Juan Pablo González, accused of abusing Hilary in a station In TransMilenio, he would have a record for obscene acts in public

National Police

A massive demonstration took place in Bogotá, in recent days, after the case of Hilary Castro, a young woman who denounced, through her social networks, having been sexually abused at the La Castellana Transmilenio station. After an operation carried out by the local authorities, it was possible to find the man accused of having raped the teenager.According to comments, the alleged abuser already had a criminal record because he had previously been denounced for obscene acts. Apparently, he had been arrested before for showing his genitals in public.

When the image of the man was made public on social networks, after the mayor of Bogotá released a video showing the moment of capture, images of the man began to circulate in more situations that compromise him in more cases of sexual harassment. One of the clips that moves on the internet shows how, while he is in the sector known as Cedritos, north of the capital. In the clip he is seen showing his intimate parts to those who passed by. In the video, the complaining woman assured: “This unfortunate man is here in Belmira Park walking with his pipi on the outside, unfortunate man, rapist, so that all the networks know him.”

According to the woman's account, the man harassed women who passed near him. Although he was arrested at the time, he was released just hours later. At the moment, after his new capture, he is waiting to hear the decision of a guarantee control judge. The official will be in charge of deciding whether he will release him or not. The Prosecutor's Office reported that the capture occurred on the afternoon of this Saturday, November 5. According to the Secretary of Security of Bogotá, Aníbal Fernández, the arrest took place “through a raid and search in Usaquén.”

Juan Pablo González, accused of abusing Hilary at a TransMilenio station, would have a record for obscene acts on the road public

Photo: capture social networks.

“We have complied. Once again we give a quick response to our citizens. Under Operation Santa María Goretti we managed to capture the alleged sexual aggressor of a minor in TransMilenio. This subject will have to answer for her actions in court ”, detailed General Carlos Fernando Triana. The events occurred on October 31. “Our Bogotá Police have captured the criminal who allegedly abused Hilary. He will be prosecuted. In Bogotá we work tirelessly and in coordination for everyone's safety. Women are respected. We will take care of them and make them respected. Not one more, highlighted the mayor of the city, Claudia López.

It is noteworthy that the 17-year-old girl, through her TikTok account, denounced, after the capture, that She was the last to find out that her attacker was already in the hands of the authorities. “Already all the media on social networks have the headline that Hilary's abuser was captured, and I, Hilary Castro, was the last person to find out (…) How do you really notice that the only thing that they want is a boom, a piece of news, to generate that impact that they are doing something, and to clear the name of the Police.”

“Hilary was an activist in my presidential campaign, and was sexually abused at a Transmilenio station. I ask the police to capture the criminal as soon as possible”, wrote the President of the Republic before the capture of the accused criminal was known.

At the time, Castro recounted that: “Yesterday I was the victim of abuse at the Transmilenio la Castellana station, there was not a single guard or police officer nearby. Today, when I filed the complaint, I only received a whole process that was totally re-victimizing and I simply have come back tomorrow to continue with this process. I'm making this public because I don't want this to happen again to another woman and to make a call to the mayor's office about how safe this public transport crap is”, the young woman wrote when presenting her case in Instagram.