Juan Manuel Santos insists on regulating and decriminalizing all drugs

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The former president referred to the direction that Colombia should follow in anti-drug matters, pointing out that the previous government failed in its prohibitionist efforts

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Juan Manuel Santos insists on regulating and decriminalizing all drugs

Photo: Álvaro Tavera, Colprensa.

During the presentation of the report of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, the fifth to date, in which it is planned to change the prohibitionist policy and support the legal regulation of drugs, the former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Juan Manuel Santos, who is part of the Commission, said that Colombia must follow the path of decriminalizing all drugs.

“It is urgent that there be a paradigm change in Colombia(…) drug regulation is a way to strengthen institutions that have been weakened by prohibition. The Costs of the War on Drugsthey have been detailed in numerous reports of the Global Commission on Drug Policy”, said the former president as quoted in Semana.

Likewise, Santos agreed with the proposal made A few weeks ago, the director of the DIAN, Luis Carlos Reyes, launched the taxation of drugs.

“Yes, that is where we have to go.Tax them, use the product of those taxes to make public health policies, to try to discourage consumption,” he said as quoted on Blu Radio.

On the position of the previous government, Santos said, words more, words less, that it was a setback.

“The previous government reversed many of the policies in the direction we wanted to go in the anti-drug policy, returning to the hand tough, returning to punitive policy and there are the results, a total failure,” said former president Santos.

Likewise, Santos emphasized that the violence that is being experienced, as a result of drug trafficking, is a consequence of the prohibitionist policy, acknowledging that both he and former President César Gaviria have a part of the responsibility in promoting prohibitionism.

< blockquote class="color_figcaption">“What we are seeing right now is precisely the consequences of the failure of the ban, a policy that the two Colombian commissioners, President César Gaviria and myself, apply to the letter.”

Santos also warned that the call for the decriminalization and regulation of drugs is not an invitation to consumption, also pointing out that the different populist positions have been the ones that have delayed the discussion.

“Nobody wants to stimulate consumption, nobody wants to poison children. What is intended is to minimize the monumental collateral damage that this policy of prohibition has produced and is producing. Take the cursed money away from the mafias, which is what is causing so much damage.”

For his part, the former president of Mexico, Ernesto Zedillo, pondered the position of President Gustavo Petro before the fight against drugs.

“President Petro's call is very important, very important for policies to be reformed in Colombia, but also so that we can ally ourselves in Latin America to present that front common.”

Faced with the eradication of coca crops, Zedillo shared the proposals of the Petro government:

“It has There must be an institutional construction that allows the adequate use of these crops. Eradicating and contaminating the waters, the soils and endangering, as has been done, the health of the peasants is nonsense, so I think that the President Petro's position is correct.”