Juan José Lafaurie referred to his father's decision to negotiate with the ELN: “I want an explanation”

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The son of the Congresswoman of the Democratic Center María Fernanda Cabal and the executive president of Fedegán, José Féliz Lafaurie, indicated that he wants to understand the reason that led to his father to be at the negotiating table with the National Liberation Army

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Juan José Lafaurie referred to his father's decision to negotiate with the ELN: “I want an explanation”

Juan José Lafaurie, son of María Fernanda Cabal and José Félix Lafaurie. Photo: Instagram

More than 100 days have already passed under the mandate of President Gustavo Petro and his promise to reactivate the dialogues with the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN) is a reality. On the afternoon of yesterday, November 21, in Venezuela, government delegates met with ELN spokesmen to begin a process that could end 58 years of armed conflict with the terrorist group.

Among the people who will represent the State are the commissioner for peace Danilo Rueda, the negotiator Otty Patiño, the Senator of the Historical Pact Iván Cepeda and the executive president of the Colombian Federation of Cattlemen (Fedegán) José Félix Lafaurie, who turned out to be a surprise, mostly positive for various sectors of the country.

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From the Democratic Center headed by former president Álvaro Uribe Vélez have The appointment of Fedegán's president has been celebrated, but figures such as his wife, Congresswoman María Fernanda Cabal, have said that they view the process with caution and that they hope to see Lafaurie as the spokesperson for the right at the dialogue table with the ELN.

In this regard, his son, José Lafaurie Cabal, who, like his parents, has been the subject of controversy for his statements about his political affinities, told Revista Semana that he knows that his father will be firm in his ideological inclinations but that he does owe you an explanation.

I want an explanation, I want to understand the reason that led him to accept. I feel that the voters of María Fernanda, like me, deserve an explanation”.

The son of the Congresswoman from the Democratic Center and the executive president of Fedegán, pointed out that when he found out about the decision he disagreed but fully knows the convictions and principles of José Félix Lafaurie. “ I wrote to him asking him what was happening and that I totally disagreed with his position. I have always been one of those who believes in the thesis that one should not negotiate with terrorists and that these are the theses that are defended in the house”.

Lastly, he concluded that having his father at the negotiating table could represent a challenge due to the marked differences between the other State negotiators. “ The image of my father did not fade, it was a moment of confusion, my father will not renounce his thesis. The enormous challenge is not for him, but for the Government, which will have someone very different from them at the negotiating table”.

Regarding the expectations that the president of Fedegán has in the dialogues that will begin in Venezuela, he commented: “We hope that things can develop in such a way that the task that the government has generously given him can be carried out without any setbacks< /i>”.

Regarding the role he will play at the dialogue table and how his opinion and political perspective will influence the development of the process with the ELN, he said:

I will try to do what I must do, with the understanding that as the president's letter clearly states (former president Álvaro Uribe), I not only represent the Democratic Center, I believe that there are broad sectors of society and At least I will try to give them a voice to be able to transmit the anxieties. Also the hopes of that sector of society”.

Precisely the husband of Congresswoman María Fernanda Cabal was referring to a statement issued a few days ago by former President Uribe , in which he stresses that Lafaurie will not only represent the Democratic Center but also the sectors that view the negotiation process between the State and the ELN with reservations.

I am I am sure that Dr. Lafaurie, more than representing the Democratic Center in these talks, will take the opinion of many sectors that, for obvious reasons, remain skeptical about the possibilities of an agreement of this nature“, mentioned the former president. Uribe.