Journalists found out how the Russian military-industrial complex circumvents sanctions

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Journalists found out how the Russian military-industrial complex circumvents sanctions

Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom helps Russian military industry to circumvent Western sanctions. Rosatom is involved in the creation of smuggling schemes for the supply of components, technologies and raw materials for rocket fuel to the Russian military industry.

At the same time, Rosatom itself is the initiator of these schemes, the American edition of The Washington Post reports, citing a letter that came into the possession of Ukrainian intelligence head of one of the departments of the state corporation.

The letter says that in October 2022, representatives of Rosatom had a meeting with officials of the Russian Ministry of Defense and representatives of the Russian military-industrial complex. The corporation offered to supply goods to both Russian military units and Russian arms manufacturers, which are experiencing a shortage of components due to sanctions from Western countries.

The list of possible recipients of sanctioned goods includes the manufacturer of Almaz-Antey missile systems; manufacturer of unguided aerial bombs and multiple rocket launchers NPK Tekhmash; the company "High Precision Complexes", producing Iskander missiles; manufacturer of rocket launchers "Uragan" NPO "Splav"; in addition, it also includes several aircraft and tank building enterprises.

In addition, the publication even has a detailed description of the products that Russian defense enterprises could receive, including:

-aluminum oxide, rocket fuel component;
– lithium-ion batteries for tank equipment, missile defense systems and other weapons;
– 3D printing technologies for weapons;
– chemical compounds used in aviation and rocket technology.

Although it is not known for certain which of these goods the Russian defense industry was able to obtain in reality, even the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin noted the contribution of Rosatom ; at a celebration in honor of the company's 15th anniversary, he praised Rosatom for “a huge contribution” hellip; in the development of advanced weapons systems and military equipment and putting them on combat duty. The merits of the corporation were also noted by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Although Rosatom itself, on the offer of the publication to comment on the information, stated that it was allegedly untrue, the customs data that were published by the Center for Nonproliferation Studies named after. James Martin, demonstrate that at least one subsidiary of the corporation has imported more than a million US dollars worth of lithium-ion battery components from South Korea since February 24, 2022.

Thus, according to the publication, although Rosatom officially positions itself as a civilian commercial organization that builds and operates nuclear power plants, in fact, the corporation is closely connected with the Russian military industry. And if earlier Rosatom managed to elude sanctions, now the situation has changed dramatically.

“If Rosatom provides support to the Russian military industry, it is subject to sanctions” commented Daniel Fried, U.S. State Department sanctions coordinator until 2017.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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