Journalist Justin McElroy found out a secret songs from Disney cartoons

The famous American humorist and journalist SVS Justin McElroy in the research process could reveal secret songs heard in Disney cartoons. He found that there is one principle in the creation of musical compositions.

Журналист Джастин МакЭлрой выяснил секрет песен из мультфильмов Disney

On the work done Justin McElroy said subscribers in the social network Twitter. He learned that there are 18 similar moves on the basis of which are formed compositions for Disney films. The reporter revealed simple a few simple rules, one of which is that in most cases the villain performs the song immediately after it made Goodies.

Analyzed topics McElroy distributed to different categories. Among them there were the subspecies called “a movie”. It turned out to be the song, usually sounding at the beginning of the film. They talk about the main theme of the cartoon. There is a category called “I want.” In it, the journalist has determined the composition of the main characters, a story about motivation. There is also a kind of “that’s what I say”, in which the characters explain to the small audience what you plan to achieve in the end.

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