José Manuel Gnecco was formally charged with the murder of his wife

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The crime of María Mercedes Gnecco occurred on October 5, 2021 in San Andrés. The preparation of the trial against the lawyer will begin on November 30

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José; Manuel Gnecco was formally charged with the murder of his wife

It was found that the crime scene had been altered and that Gnecco Valencia did not help his spouse.

In the last few hours, the The Attorney General's Office formally accused the lawyer José Manuel Gnecco Valencia for his alleged responsibility in the murder of his wife and first cousin, María Mercedes Gnecco, which occurred on October 5, 2021 in the island of San Andrés.

According to the investigating entity, the evidence collected would show that the crime was not perpetrated by a criminal who tried to enter the place of residence of the couple, as confirmed by the accused today.

On the contrary, a ballistics test and the reconstruction of the events in 3D made it possible to identify the trajectory of the projectile that caused the death of the victim and to establish that: “it was fired within the house and at a very short distance”.

Likewise, in the investigation, it was found that María Mercedes Gnecco and José Manuel Gnecco Valencia were alone in the property , which was secured by monitoring systems and an electric fence that were not activated, nor did they account for the possible entry of other people to the site.

In addition, it was found that the scene of the crime had been altered and that Gnecco Valencia did not help his spouse.

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In this sense, a specialized prosecutor from the Delegate Office for Territorial Security accused the lawyer of the crimes of aggravated homicide; manufacture, trafficking, carrying or possession of firearms; ideological falsehood of private document; and concealment, alteration or destruction of material evidence. The preparatory hearings for the trial will begin on November 30.

According to the Attorney General's Office, this is how the crime of Gnecco's wife occurred:

“At 7:27 p.m., after having dinner between 7:27 p.m. and 8:38 p.m., Mrs. María Mercedes Gnecco Serrano was hit on the first floor of the house with a 9 mm caliber firearm. , which was not fired by anyone other than you Mr. José Manuel Gnecco Valencia, according to the trajectory of shots from back to front, from left to right, taking you completely by surprise (…)”.

In his defense, José Manuel Gnecco has mentioned that he voluntarily gave his version to the authorities, but that the investigators who went to his house found no evidence. Later, it was a housing worker who found a shell casing the day after the homicide and handed it over to Dijin.

It should be noted that the lawyer was the only witness to the facts and according to official versions, shell casings and fingerprints were found on the premises to further identify those responsible for the crime.

Furthermore, a month after the events, Gnecco spoke to W Radio and indicated that he saw the person enter the residence and that he took a few seconds to go get the weapon and, at that moment, he heard the screams of his wife and the shot and when she returned she was mortally wounded.

If found guilty, José Manuel Gnecco could pay a sentence of 480 to 600 months in prisonor a sentence of life imprisonment, taking into account what the Colombian criminal code indicates.