José Luis Gavidia joins members of the Executive investigated by the prosecution

José Luis Gavidia joins members of the Executive investigated by the prosecution

Decision. Prosecutor of the Nation opened a preliminary investigation against the Minister of Defense for the use of a State plane to travel with his daughters. Congressional Oversight Commission will summon him.

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José Luis Gavidia joins members of the Executive investigated by the prosecution

The investigation by the National Prosecutor's Office against José Luis Gavidia, Minister of Defense, also adds to other controversies and questions in his against. (Photo: Ministry of Defense)

The head of the Defense portfolio, José Luis Gavidia< b>, he has joined other members of the Executive – ministers and even the president Pedro Castillo– who have ongoing tax investigations.

The National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, ordered last Monday the beginning of a preliminary investigation against Gavidia for the alleged crime of embezzlement of use. She did this for using a Navy plane to travel with her daughters to Huánuco last March.

As part of the measure, personnel from the Constitutional Complaints and Illicit Enrichment area of ​​the National Prosecutor's Office went to the ministry's headquarters to carry out the first steps of the investigation.

The decision was made after “Punto final” reported last Sunday that Gavidia, on a trip from March 13 to 15, traveled on the ship not only with officials for an official activity scheduled for the 14th of that month, but also together with his daughters aged 11, 15 and 31.

The minister responded on Twitter that he was “obliged” to take her daughters because they were in her care as part of “an agreed visitation regime.” He also assured that he assumed the expenses generated by them.

With Gavidia there are already six current ministers who register tax investigations in process. In the case of the other five, the information came from their own appointment affidavits, as reported by this newspaper in May.

It is about Ministers Geiner Alvarado (Housing), Roberto Sánchez (Mincetur), Rosendo Serna (Education), Dina Boluarte (Midis) and Diana Miloslavich (MIMP).

Alvarado registers more cases, referring to investigations for document falsification, incompatible negotiation or improper use of the position and crime against the public administration. Miloslavich pointed out that his case is filed and that documentation is pending to prove it.

It should be remembered that President Castillo is being investigated for the alleged crimes of influence peddling, collusion and criminal organization for allegedly leading a criminal network. In this case, the fugitive former Minister of Transportation Juan Silva is involved.

Quoted in Congress

Meanwhile, Héctor Ventura, president of the Congressional Oversight Commission, informed El Comercio that his group will issue a summons to Gavidia to explain the facts.

According to what he said, the call is in principle for this Friday, July 15 at 9 a.m. However, he specified that this could change if the session this Wednesday – to which the first lady Lilia Paredes, her sister Yenifer Paredes and the businessman Hugo Espino are summoned for the case of offering a work in Cajamarca – is suspended due to development of the plenary session of Parliament.

Ventura also considered that “we would be facing an alleged act of embezzlement”.