José Félix Lafaurie defended his role as negotiator at the dialogue table with the ELN: “I will try to do what I must do”

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Former president and leader of the Democratic Center, Álvaro Uribe Vélez, said in a statement that the president of Fedegán represents not only the right-wing community but also sectors who view the negotiation process with suspicion

José Félix Lafaurie defended his role as negotiator at the dialogue table with the ELN: “I will try to do what should I do”

José Félix Lafaurie, executive president of Fedegán: PHOTO: FEDEGÁN

More than 100 days have already passed under the mandate of President Gustavo Petro and his promise to reactivate the dialogues with the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN) is a reality. This afternoon, November 21, in Venezuela, government delegates will meet with ELN spokesmen to begin a process that could end 58 years of armed conflict with the terrorist group.

Inside Of the people who will represent the State are the commissioner for peace Danilo Rueda, the negotiator Otty Patiño, the Senator of the Historical Pact Iván Cepeda and the executive president of the Colombian Federation of Cattlemen (Fedegán) José Felíx Lafaurie.

< p class="paragraph">The appointment of Lafaurie to integrate the dialogue tables was a total surprise, the husband of the also member of the Democratic Center, Congresswoman María Fernanda Cabal, has caused all kinds of reactions given his affinity for the right and the constant questions against Gustavo Petro that have diminished as the days of his presidency go by.

Regarding the expectations that the president of Fedegán has in the dialogues that will begin in Venezuela, he commented: “Let's hope that things can develop in such a way that the task that the government has generously given him can be carried out without any setback”.

Regarding the role that he will play at the dialogue table and how his opinion and political perspective will influence the development of the process with the ELN, he stated:

I will try to do what I must in the understanding that as the letter from the president (former president Álvaro Uribe), I not only represent the Democratic Center, I believe that there are broad sectors of society and at least I will try to give them a voice to be able to convey their anxieties. Also the hopes that this sector of society has”.

Precisely, the husband of Congresswoman María Fernanda Cabal was referring to a statement issued a few days ago by former President Uribe, in which he highlighted that Lafaurie will not only represent the Democratic Center but also the sectors that view the negotiation process between the State and the ELN.

I am sure that Dr. Lafaurie, rather than representing the Democratic Center in those talks, will take the opinion of many sectors there that, due to the obvious For these reasons, they remain skeptical about the possibilities of an agreement of this nature”, mentioned former President Uribe.

José Félix Lafaurie defended his role as negotiator at the dialogue table with the ELN: “I will try to do what should I do”

Uribe's letter about José Félix Lafaurie

It must be remembered that the negotiations with the only active guerrilla in the country are resumed in the government of Gustavo Petro after, for four years, talks with the leaders of that armed group to agree on peace did not take place.

For this reason, in the last few hours, several personalities were seen on a plane who will talk from Venezuelan territory, which for now will be the venue where the aforementioned meetings will take place.

In the aircraft were Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva; the High Commissioner for Peace, Danilo Montero; Senator Iván Cepeda, who is also president of the Peace Commission in the Senate. President Petro's teammates were also accompanied by José Félix Lafaurie, president of the Colombian Federation of Cattlemen, (Fedegan), and who will represent the opposition in those negotiations.

Thus Likewise, the former M-19 militant Otty Patiño arrived in the neighboring nation, whom the head of state appointed as chief negotiator with that criminal structure led by Israel Ramírez Pineda, alias “Pablo Beltrán”, who will also be in the negotiations with the Colombian Executive.

Despite the fact that the names of several of the subjects that will make up the delegations of both the Government and the guerrilla are already known, the country still has to know who they will be, in in its entirety, the emissaries of both parties. In fact, they will meet this Monday, November 21, before the first installation of the dialogue table in Venezuela.