Jorge Bonifacio: Case to rule out or is there still evidence?

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  • Jorge Bonifacio: Case to rule out or is there still evidence?

    Jorge Bonifacio has not had a good performance in this tournament.

The power of his bat seems to fade over the years; being disciplined from the batter's box isn't among his learned manners, and his erratic self-defense in the outfield continues to cause the same headache it did on day one.

With all this, a judge would have sufficient grounds to rule out that someone continues to maintain a starting position, however, this is not the case of Jorge Bonifacio in the Tigres del Licey squad, regardless of whether his performance continued and plummeting down.

After failing in two of three appearances on Sunday, the outfielder still hasn't improved what has been a path of regrets in each participation in the Dominican Professional Baseball League from the 2020-21 to 2022-23 tournament, a period where he posts a microscopic .186 batting average and .557 OPS, hitting just 15 extra-base hits.

The sample number of this fateful run dates back to just 180 at-bats, though it's It should be noted that this is the nature of winter tournaments, scenarios in which the seasons are “flying”. 

The 29-year-old right-handed hitter does not lift his head after a superlative performance in 2019-20, by then being the protagonist of figures such as a .548 slugging average, after punishing the pitching of the circuit with numbers that quantify his 17 multiple base connections in a journey of 31 Regular Series games.

Returning to his performance from more recent times, Bonifacio's results in the Minor Leagues seem to give him a facelift for his file, though, doesn't seem to be enough.

After completing 112 games with the Philadelphia Phillies in their Triple A branch, the lanky player was combined with the Philadelphia Phillies. for double figures in home runs (15) and tubes (17), on the other hand, this does not seem to be enough, evidenced by his pyrrhic SLG of .407 and an average on base of only .336.

what? tests yes are in your favor?

What is reflected in statistics is made of an indelible ink, which is well put in favor of the youngest of the Bonifacio brothers, who grew up with notable performance within the league, as well as being of an age to be considered young on the baseball spectrum and beyond.

Added to the factor of his birth registration , the wait for his natural power continues to create expectations around him, despite not showing any resemblance to what were notable tournaments of his figure in the past. However, the man born in Santo Domingo has experienced changes in his posture from the plate, as is the case with the position of his elbows and knees, although he still does not enjoy sufficiently sweet fruits.

Keeping Bonifacio in a starting role is costly for the Tigers, but the team seems to be waiting for the vindication of his percentages. The question is: how much patience will they have? in the end worth it? Time will answer both.

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