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aK aM Jorge Barraza thinks about the lack of new stars in world football – International Football – Sports - The Times Hub

Jorge Barraza thinks about the lack of new stars in world football – International Football – Sports

    Jorge Barraza thinks about the lack of new stars in world football – International Football – Sports

    North macedonia premiered his name in a Qualifying Round giving an unexpected blow: he beat Germany Visiting 2 to 1. It is the 149th country in the world in terms of territory and 144th in population.

    The GDP of Germany is 50,801 dollars per inhabitant, that of Macedonia barely reaches 5,916. But in football they are less remote. How can such a thing happen with Gutenberg’s homeland being a superpower and having the current European and world champion, Bayern Munich…? It is not unreasonable: soccer is the only sport where absolutely anything can happen. That Brazil lose at home 7 to 1 to Germany and that Macedonia defeat the Germans. It is part of its irresistible charm: the unpredictability. Nothing is ever safe. And there are factors that everyone can boast despite their modesty: attitude, preparation and tactics. Also mysticism. That has nothing to do with the budget and can equalize the quality imbalance.

    (You may be interested: Do you like it? Argentina’s shirt is filtered in tribute to Maradona)

    Apart from this, there is an additional point: football is increasingly even. Especially at the national team level, where sixty or seventy representatives can gather eleven eligible elements. There is a lot of information about the rival, the coaches study more and more and work down to the smallest detail. The technical corps are now an army of professionals who focus on all aspects. That is why even Luxembourg can be dangerous. And more and more players come with a collective profile rather than an individual one.

    In the case of Germany, it has very good footballers (Kimmich, Goretzka, Sané, Gnabry, Werner), but it reveals an evident shortage of superstars who can define a balanced game, as throughout history they were Beckenbauer, Gerd Müller, Overath, Breitner, Matthäus, Klinsmann, Rummenigge … To be successful you need to achieve a high level of precision and overall harmony. If the machine is not super oiled, it could lose to Macedonia. Or with Mexico and South Korea, as happened in Russia 2018.

    (Also read: Unstoppable! Muriel and Zapata, goals for Atalanta)

    Someone will ask: And why is Bayern champion of everything…? Because a majority percentage of their squad is foreigners: Lewandowski, Alaba, Alphonso Davies, Pavard, Lucas Hernández, Coman, Tolisso, Javi Martínez, Douglas Costa, Choupo-Moting …
    But is this shortage of great talent a problem in Germany …? No, it is worldwide. The real monsters like football always had are not appearing, indisputable stars. Of course there will always be some that stand out more than others, but they are uneven for efficiency, not for genius. There are good normals, not great ones. The proof is that the five or six most powerful clubs that always look for a differential crack look at the only two that appear on that list, Haaland and Mbappé, two bulldozers that stand out for physical power, speed, ambition and goal, but they do not waste technique, ingenuity or fantasy. There is no poetry in his game. (Mbappé played all three qualifying games – Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Bosnia – without converting. Haaland faced Gibraltar, Turkey and Montenegro, also did not score and was replaced in all three).

    Brazil and Argentina, which were always the most fertile seedbeds in the world, have the factory paralyzed. The last pearl found on these shores was Neymar, that for a matter of mentality could never reach the throne and consolidate at the top. Spain enjoyed the brilliant litter of Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Piqué, Busquets, Villa, Ramos, Casillas but then the tree that bore those fruits dried up. They had no replacement of the same level. It is the same all over the world. This is why we see common players being transferred in millions of dollars.

    Why are new phenomena not emerging …? Do you not work at the youth level …? Yes, and the training centers are getting better, the teachers too. We will have to look for the reason in a cultural fact, from this time: we are facing a cybernetic youth, hooked 24 hours a day with WhatsApp, social networks, the tablet, youtuberism. And sedentary lifestyle. An era where it is more important to have an Internet connection than a ball, with hundreds of millions of kids lying on their bed or in an armchair chatting or playing video games. These digital youngsters are more comfortable. It is not a youth from the street, from the countryside, from the pasture, from where cracks used to come from. You spent hours and hours in the field. There, in free will, giving it and giving it, the technique was polished and wonders appeared. Passion was forming them. The mother had to remove them from one ear of the party in the street or in the hole.

    That doesn’t exist anymore. Now they are academy players, which is a business like any other, they charge for training. They make them run around the field, a few shots at goal and play a dive, but in general they are incubators, they produce laboratory players, little robots without creativity. However, the lack of free spaces in cities makes academies a necessary place for children to do soccer kindergarten there and can then go, if they show conditions, to a federated club. We must face it: today there are more aspiring YouTubers than footballers.

    Another reason that conspires against the appearance of figures is the excess money that flies over football. Many juveniles of the Barcelona “B” are already potentates without having debuted in First. From the ninth division they have a representative and they begin to receive remuneration: first clothes and boots, then the agent gives them a car to go to train and, to those who show qualities, from the age of fifteen or sixteen, a contract. Trincao (21 years old), the young Portuguese from Barça, had not yet been able to launch a center and was already showing off his $ 274,000 Lamborghini on social media. Money in quantity burns dreams.

    (Also read: The religion of football: a passion of pure fidelity)

    In his autobiographical book, Ricardo Bochini He tells that, upon arriving from Italy, where he had scored his goal against Juventus that gave Independiente a world title, a crowd went to wait for them, they were transferred from the airport in a caravan, they received all kinds of tributes, they were reported in the newspapers , radios, television, received thousands of slaps and hugs. By nightfall he was exhausted; reality reminded him that he had neither a car nor a house: someone brought him to the club’s boarding house. He lived under the rostrum, with nineteen other boys, in a large shared space where he had a closet and a bed. His companions of illusions received him as a hero. After the effusiveness, he collapsed on the skinny mattress to dream new glories. I was happy, they had given $ 200 each to beat Juve. He would go to his village and buy some things for his family. If he continued to shine there would be more rewards, who knows even buying a large house for his parents and his eight siblings.

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