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Jordan Bardella: his nickname at the time revealed, Internet users dig into his past

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

It was this Sunday, June 2, 2024 that the Monde website published an article dedicated to à Jordan Bardella, head of the National Rally list for the next European elections which will take place on June 9. In this paper, journalists revealed the nickname that the 28-year-old politician used on the Internet when he was a teenager. It didn't take much for Internet users engage in online searches his subject to unearth all the traces left by Jordan Bardella ten years ago.

Jordan Bardella: his pseudonym from the time revealed, Internet users dig into his past

YouTube, JVC, Call of Duty… the passions of teenage Bardella

While it is given Winner of the next European elections, Jordan Bardella, head of the National Rally list, was not destined to be the winner of the next European elections. politics if we are to believe his best friend the high school era which bore witness to the in a paper dedicated to to the young man and published on the Monde website. In this investigation, the journalists revealed a pseudonym that Bardella used in 2012. At that time, the latter had the ambition of becoming a specialized YouTuber. in video games. We learn that he spends most of his time at home. play the game Call of Duty or even Pro Evolution Soccer.

At the same time, the article in Monde reveals to us that Jordan Bardella is a very strong member of the team. s active on the 18-25 year old forum in the Bla-blasection. The politician then uses the nickname Jordan9320. After revealing it in the investigation, Internet users rushed to investigate to bring out Bardella's 2.0 past.

Jordan Bardella: his nickname from that time revealed, Internet users dig into his past

Jordan Bardella very active on JVC

According to their research, we discover that the head of the far-right party list was a very active user of the JVC forum. Since registering on the site in 2010, the nickname Jordan9320 has posted 968 messages that mainly talk about video games. His presence on this forum caused many Internet users to react. 24 hours after creating a topic relating to Internet users reacted to the article by posting more than 180 pages of comments. Some are proud that Bardella is a khey, the nickname that forum users give themselves.

Jordan Bardella: his nickname from the time revealed, Internet users dig into his past ;

On YouTube, Jordan Bardella uses the nickname MrJordan9320 with his main channel dedicated to gaming and which has more than 3,000 subscribers. Currently, the page is emptied of its videos, but some Internet users have managed to manage it. find your old videos. It has another channel, ActuCritiqueHD where he is interested in more serious subjects including a video on the question of YouTubers' salaries which caused a famous French esports player, Gotaga to react on X. The latter, although he criticizes certain comments made by Bardella, believes that he “tells a certain truth about YouTubers“. Finally, the candidate of the National Rally for the 2024 European elections do not hesitate to compliment and praise MrLEV12, a Call of Duty YouTuber.

Jordan Bardella: his pseudonym from the time revealed, Internet users dig into his past

The end of Jordan Bardella's career as a YouTuber remains quite unclear. Internet users claim that his ActuCritiqueHD channel and Twitter account would have been damaged. hacked but by going to the social network belonging to Elon Musk to view the account in question, only a few messages and retweets are visible and nothing suggests anything. a possible hack of the account. Finally, since the night of June 3, 2024, the X account @MrJordan9320 seems to have reactivated. with several messages that have been deleted. posted since the publication of the Monde article. However, the account must be fake given that it is fake. that he was created in June 2018.

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June 3, 2024

Natasha Kumar

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