Johnson spoke about the government’s plans to change the country for the better after the crisis with the coronavirus

Джонсон рассказал о планах правительства по изменению страны к лучшему после кризиса с коронавирусом

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, speaking to the Brits on Tuesday, spoke about how his government plans to change the country for the better after the crisis with the coronavirus, passed the British media.

“It will take time to learn the lessons (crisis coronavirus), and we learn”, – quotes the words of the Prime Minister BBC. Johnson admitted that, perhaps, is not the time to talk about what will be Britain after the coronavirus. However, in his opinion, “the country needs to be prepared for what might happen next,” and therefore “should not remain in captivity to the outbreak of the” coronavirus.

The Prime Minister of Britain, said he believes it is wrong to respond to the crisis caused by a coronavirus, austerity and penance. According to Sky News, Johnson did not rule out raising taxes to implement the plan of rebuilding the country after the crisis. Johnson stressed that he wants the tax burden was reasonable as possible. “I am determined to ensure a reasonable tax burden as possible, so we can continue to stay dynamic and competitive economy”, – he said, answering a journalist’s question whether the government to raise taxes.

The funds, according to him, the need to create jobs, but will also go towards the costs necessary for the operation of schools, hospitals, upgrading infrastructure and accelerating economic growth after the pandemic.

British Prime Minister said that he intends to use this crisis to solve the problems that Britain could not solve the last three decades. In particular, Johnson plans to hire an additional 20 thousand policemen and “put an end to the madness that stops us before deportation to the homeland of the perpetrators of violence.”

In addition, he promised to develop a plan that will increase the availability of housing for young people and to implement reforms in the planning area and build a “fantastic new house”. Also British Prime Minister intends to green the country and planting 30 thousand hectares of trees to “energize her soul.”

The Prime Minister spoke about the employment opportunities in the country and the development of science. In particular, he said that his government is working to ensure that every inhabitant of the country had a guaranteed opportunity to participate in training and to the workplace. As for science, the Johnson sees Britain as a future “scientific superpower”. In his opinion, Britain should aim to develop the world’s first passenger aircraft with zero emissions into the atmosphere and is able to fly long distances.

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