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Johnny Hallyday: this iconic actor will play the famous singer in the cinema

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

The famous singer Johnny Hallyday will soon have his biopic in the cinema. The widow of the rock star, Laeticia Hallyday validated the project and even chose the actor who will play her husband. We'll explain.

Johnny Hallyday: this iconic actor will embody the heart of the world. famous singer in the cinema

A monster career

Johnny Hallyday, a monument of French music, has left us today. in 2017 at the age of 74. Famous for his temperament, his very rocker rhythm of life, and countless hits like Que je t'aime (1969), < strong>Marie (2002) or even Ma Gueule (1979), he leté behind him an impressive legacy and an almost perfect career.

Johnny Hallyday also had a small cinema career. He has appeared in around twenty films including Paparazzi (1997), Wanted (2003), Bastard, we love you (2013) alongside his friend Eddy Mitchell but also in the famous Jean-Philippe (2005) which was even remake by Danny Boyle.

Johnny Hallyday: this

If there have been documentaries on his career and his life, there are however no never had a biopic on Johnny Hallyday. Recently, Laeticia Hallyday, Johnny's widow, given her agreement to produce a biopic on her late husband.

A biopic on Johnny Hallyday

The project should enter pre-production as soon as it is released. next year. The film will be made by the French filmmaker Cédric Jimenez, at to whom we owe some big successes of French cinema in recent years such as La French (2014), Novembre (2022) and especially the controversial Bac Nord (2020). For the moment, the project is still in its infancy, but Laeticia Hallyday has already chosen an actor to play her husband.

She wants the bankable Raphaël Quenardplays the main role in this biopic. For several years Raphaël Quenard has been exploding French cinema. After small roles with Quentin Dupieux in Mandibles (2021) and Smoking makes you cough (2022) and a secondary role in Les Olympiades (2021) by Jacques Audiard, Raphaël Quenard is from the top of the posters. Over the last two years we have come across him. in Sentinel,On the branch, Cash, I will always see your faces or the recent Yannick and The Second actby Quentin Dupieux (again). He even won an Oscar for Best Young Actor for Scrapyard Dog in 2024.

Johnny Hallyday: this iconic actor will play the famous singer in the cinema

The cinema therefore seems to open its doors wide for him for a career which is already shaping up to be a success. prestigious. Raphaël Quenard will therefore be the face of Johnny Hallyday in the official biopic of the validated singer. by his wife. She justified his choice at the microphone of Paris Match this Monday, June 24:

I’ve been amazed by his game, his looks, his way of occupying space, of speaking, his spontaneity, his almost animal charisma… I said to myself that if any actor could play Johnny in the cinema, it was him.

A shared choice; by Cédric Jimenez, very happy with this decision:

The image of Raphaël playing Johnny appeared to me as obvious. Telling rock to the world through Johnny is an extraordinary, exceptional project, that of a lifetime. It’s a dream and a huge responsibility. to carry to; on the screen a character who ignited the world crowds and counting in the lives of four generations to the point of changing it for some.

Even Raphaël Quenard went there. of his little confidence, with, as usual, his words to the contrary. him. He is also very cheerful. by the project:

To bring life to life this being of light, at the paroxysm of the notion of sharing and communion, it will take a lot of work.

Johnny Hallyday: this iconic actor will play the famous singer in the cinema

Filming should begin in 2026 for a release in 2027. The opportunity to celebrate the ten years of Johnny's death at home. through a tribute work, which, we hope, will be at the same time. the height of his legend.

But before Cédric Jimenez's film, another biopic of Johnny is also planned. A project carried out by Jalil Lespert and taken to by the Belgian actorMatthias Schoenaerts. Laeticia Hallyday does not consider this biopic as a family project but does not intend to oppose it:

It is normal that a destiny arouses vocations. I could ban certain things, but I have no intention of doing so.

Good player Laeticia Hallyday.

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