Johnny Depp hits back and calls what was said about him 'horrendous fiction'

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American actor Johnny Depp responded to his critics at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday, saying that much of what was written about him was “horrifying fiction”.

“There has people who want to believe what they want to believe, but the truth is the truth. […] In the last five, six years, the majority of what you have read is horrible fiction,” he said at a press conference devoted to Jeanne du Barry , Maïwenn's feature film in which he plays Louis XV.

Banned from American film sets since the trials that pitted him against his ex-wife Amber Heard on the background of accusations of domestic violence, Johnny Depp, 59, found honors in the world of cinema on Tuesday, treading the carpet red alongside the film crew, screened at the opening.

Asked whether he still considered himself boycotted by Hollywood, he replied: “No, not at all”.


Before specifying: “I don't feel boycotted because I don't think of Hollywood. »

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“It's a strange and funny time when everyone wants to be themselves, but can't… You have to toe the line,” he added.

< p>When asked about his feelings in recent years, he felt that the situation seemed like a “bad joke”, especially when you are “asked to withdraw from a film because there are just lyrics floating in the air”.


The actor joked about the word comebackused by the media to qualify his comeback. “Apparently I've had 17 comebacks so far… I haven't gone anywhere,” he said.

He also said he was “very proud” of the film Jeanne du Barry, judging that Maïwenn was “very brave to have chosen a guy from Kentucky to play Louis XV” and that she was “very patient with him”.

Johnny Depp was warmly welcomed among the megastars, such as Uma Thurman, Michael Douglas or Catherine Deneuve, who opened the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday evening, despite criticism from feminists on the rehabilitation of a contested personality.

He chained selfies and autographs on the red carpet, before attending the opening ceremony.

Several feminist organizations expressed their disgust, Dare Feminism even calling for boycott of the Festival. “The feeling of impunity that emerges [from the choice of this opening film] freezes us”, denounced several collectives such as 50/50, the Lab Femmes de cinéma or 1000 visages.