Johnny Depp demonstrating a new style after his victory in court

Johnny Depp demonstrating a new style after his victory in court

Johnny Depp showing new style after winning in court

59- The river actor was commemorated at the Paris airport.

Johnny Depp will reap the fruits of success after winning in court over the huge team of Amber Gerd. Vіn chіnіv style і obviously enjoy life. About Daily Mail.

The actor has trimmed his beard and made a new comb and swept his hair into a braid. Podiya – radisna. For the first time in two years, Johnny will star in the cinema. A film directed by Maiven Le Besco tells the story of King Louis XV, and Depp gets the lead role. At the airport, wines have been left behind incognito, prihovyuchi disguise under a cape and sun protection eyepieces.

Johnny Depp at Paris Airport

The news about those that Johnny turns at the great cinema, s & # 8217; were not a problem after the victory in court. So it became clear that we were talking about those who would turn to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. Capt. Jack Sparrow at Viconan Depp's brought the Disney film studio a million dollars, for that there is a new favour, for a little bit – no less than 300 million dollars. Also, the studio will donate a large amount of money to some charitable fund for the choice of Johnny Depp.

The last film about the pirates of the viish of 2017. The new movie will not have Jack Sparrow, but the wines can turn to their role in the prequels.

Depp's lawyers have already stated that through the call of Amber Gerd, he spent a salary of approximately 22 million dollars.

Guess, at the end of the trial, the jury praised that Depp was guilty of taking 10 million dollars as compensation for schooling and 5 million dollars as a penalty, but judging by changing the amount of fines to 350,000 dollars in state aid. Ember can pay the big man $8.3 million.