John Wick 4: after Ballerina, two new spin-off teasers for these key characters

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The producers of John Wick didn't wait for the box office success of John Wick 4 to announce the launch earlier. road of 2 projects centered around the universe of Baba Yaga. And a recent statement from the producer even suggests a brighter future, with potentially 2 new spin-offs to come. come. 

John Wick 4: after Ballerina, two new spin-offs teased for these key characters

Already a hit at the box office

All lights are green for John Wick 4.The film was strongly greeted by the press during its preview and at its release, and its start of operation in dark rooms is going well. Thus, this 4th opus centered on on the killer at pledges was a hit at the North American box office for its release, grossing $73.5 million in its first weekend of release (March 24-26). Better still, the receipts from the film àgrave; the international amount to; $137.5 million.“The Keanu Reeves film debuted at #1 in each of the 71 markets it opened in this weekend. Internationally, the film has grossed approximately $64 million , thus exceeding all the estimates made before the release of the film”, specifies Deadline.

It must be said that everything has been done. tee set up to make John Wick 4 a true cinematic successwhich is to boost the license. The film was able to benefit from an ideal promotional campaign, between teasers, movie trailers, and more. breathtaking, this video of the making-of of the stunts, the teasings of the actors, the director and the production. Are added to that the extreme popularity by Keanu Reeves, and the following by fans of his very intense physical training to perform a multitude of stunts and choreographies, with surgical precision.

2 new spin-offs at; come?

Very lucrative, the franchise still seems to have a bright future ahead of it. We know that a spin-off is already in the pipes with Ana de Armas in the title role: Ballerina, in which Keanu Reeves will make a small cameo, since the film will reveal details about the origins of Baba Yaga between the 3rd and the 4th part.

On the other hand, < strong>a spin-off series will also see the light of day:The Continental,which will stream on Amazon Prime Video this year. The project will explore the origin of the John Wick universe's hotel for assassins, The Continental, under the gaze of young Winston as he rushes into hellish New York in 1975 to face the ; its past.

John Wick 4: after Ballerina, two new spin-off teasers for these key characters

But at According to the words of producer Erica Lee,other extensions of John Wick could see the light of day.In any case, she shared his enthusiasm for the future of 2 characters from the 4th opus during an interview for ScreenRant:

I think the Bowery King universe [interpreted; by Laurence Fishburne, editor's note] is something we would like to explore a little more. The underground organization of which he is at the head is so interesting. How does he manage to get weapons, boats? He is everywhere. He is a leader, he leads a plethora of homeless people running the streets and gets his information through pigeons. He is not dependent on technology in this world, however, governed by digital. He knows everyone, can go anywhere. I think that's actually something interesting to do. dig.

The character of Akira [Rina Sawayama, whose first role in the cinema, editor's note] really stands out in the film, and I would very much like to go further with her too. In fact, there are a lot of characters in John Wick 4, many of whom fans are already enjoying. So there is definitely material to work on. exploit.”

John Wick 4: after Ballerina, two new spin-offs teased for these key characters

John Wick 4: after Ballerina, two new spin-off teasers for these key characters

Éobviously, this information is at hand. take it lightly, although the desire is there, remember that 2 spin-offs have already been released. in development. In addition, one must also consider the possibility of of a 5th film given the enthusiasm for this chapter 4.

However : “I don't think I want to embark on such an undertaking again (John Wick 5) I need some time to improve as a director (…) I'm always saying it's my last, no one m 'will not resume. And I say it today: it's my last “, he confessed. Especially since the latter had already announced floor on the cinematic adaptation of the video game Ghost of Tsushima. In short, we will have to wait for new, more precise information in order to validate or not these 2 potential spin-offs.