Joe Biden in power: fewer mood swings in sight, entrepreneurs say

Joe Biden in power: fewer mood swings in sight, entrepreneurs say

Some Quebec manufacturers doing business in the United States will have seen all the colors during the reign of Donald Trump, in particular because of the standoff between Canada and our neighbors to the South concerning tariffs on aluminum and steel. .

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Founder of Beauceron companies Manac and Canam Group, Marcel Dutil does not foresee a slowdown in his contracts in 2021 due to the arrival of a new president in the country of Uncle Sam.

“2020 has been very busy for both Manac and Canam. The order book is at its highest, ”said the man who holds the chair of Chairman of the Board of Directors at Canam Group.

Asked about his predictions now that Joe Biden is in power, Mr. Dutil expects less mood swings from the 46th President of the United States.

“It’s going to be done logically. I think Mr. Biden is there for the good of the Americans, not for the sake of Mr. Biden, like Mr. Trump was there for Mr. Trump, ”the businessman replied to the Journal.

For the Buy American Act, Mr. Dutil hopes that Canada will be able to negotiate with the new big boss a “Buy North America”. An idea that has already been mentioned by Minister François-Philippe Champagne.


At Premier Tech, the President and CEO, Jean Bélanger, also welcomes this change of guard which should bring, according to him, more stability across the country and for companies.

“What we have experienced over the past four years […], it was total instability. You never knew which rabbit Mr. Trump could get out of his hat, ”he lamented in an interview. “It’s sad to say, but the important thing is that he is no longer the president. Just the fact that it is no longer there in itself brings stability, ”added Mr. Bélanger.

The latter concedes all the same that the US economy has performed well in recent years. “Yes, there has been growth and activity. […] But is it thanks to Mr. Trump or because of the measures taken before by his predecessor Barack Obama? ”He asks.

“If we had had a real president, I apologize, but he did not have the stature of a president, probably we would have had an even better period”, believes Mr. Bélanger, optimistic for the coming years .

For its part, Manufacturiers et Exportateurs du Québec, which says it is concerned about the consequences of a possible strengthening of protectionism, hopes that Ottawa will be able to preserve the access of our manufacturers to American markets.

“Our supply chains are highly integrated and we need to ensure the competitiveness of the North American market. The interests of our exporting companies must be heard and taken into consideration, ”said CEO Véronique Proulx.

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