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Joe Biden: 2024 race depends on voters, not politicians on Capitol Hill

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul8,2024

Joe Biden: The 2024 race depends on voters, not politicians on Capitol Hill

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On Saturday, July 6, Biden's campaign said the president had participated in a biweekly meeting with all 10 of his campaign co-chairs from different states to “ensure their shared commitment to his victory in the 2024 race.”

Ten days after the presidential race's crisis moment during the debate with Donald Trump, the standoff appears to be continuing unabated. A range of Democratic Party figures, from donors and strategists to lawmakers, are calling for him to step down.

Democratic leaders in the US House and Senate intend to convene Democratic lawmakers in the next few days to discuss options. One of the senators himself tried to gather others in order to collect votes and ask Biden to leave the presidential race, reports “Voice” of America.

On Friday, July 5, US President Joe Biden sharply rejected calls from some former supporters to drop out of the race, telling voters at a rally in Wisconsin, reporters outside Air Force One and ABC's George Stephanopoulos that he “isn't going anywhere.”

“I completely rule out this possibility,” he told reporters at the rally.

After an interview shown on ABC television, one of the Democratic donors said that many of those with whom he interacted were very unhappy, especially that the president refused to acknowledge the signs of his aging.

At the same time, some lawmakers, including Speaker Emeritus Nancy Pelosi and Congressman James Clyburn are working to bring the party back to the president's side.

“Biden is who our country needs,” Clyburn said after Biden's interview aired on ABC.

Biden rejects those calling for his ouster, saying he has spoken to 20 lawmakers who all urged him to stay in the race.

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