Joc Pederson and Martín Pérez accept qualified offers from their teams

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  • Joc Pederson and Martín Pérez accept qualified offers from their teams

    Joc Pederson is a veteran outfielder for the San Francisco Giants.

Joc Pederson will be back in the game. He will join his hometown San Francisco Giants next season after the slugger accepted San Francisco's $19.65 million qualifying offer Tuesday for 2023.

Pederson and veteran lefty Martin Perez (Rangers) were the only two of 14 players who received qualifying offers to accept one-year deals before the trade deadline. Tuesday at 4 p.m. m. ET to make a decision. 

Lefty Carlos Rodón was one of 12 free agents who declined the qualifying offer, which means the Giants  will receive compensation in the future. n for the Draft pick if he signs with another team.

It has been an eventful few years for Pederson, who will be celebrating his birthday. 31 years old in April. the worst numbers of his career during the pandemic-shortened season, but he stood out in the game. He entered the playoffs to help the Dodgers break a long championship drought. He entered free agency for the first time, signing with the Cubs, but was traded before the trade deadline to the Braves. He becomes a style icon and the ninth player to win the World Series in a row with different teams.

As a free agent again, the Palo Alto, California native took the lead. led to the decision to return home to play for the Giants, moving to the other side of the LA-San Francisco rivalry. While 2022 was ultimately a disappointment for the Giants, the $1-year deal 6 million from the club with Pederson worked out. well. In his 30-year season, he formed He earned his second All-Star team and generated thousands of fans. a 144 (.274/.353/.521) OPS+, the highest of his career, which he ranked as a career-high. 15th in the majors (minimum 400 plate appearances).

That was a big improvement over Pederson's production in 2020-21, though he remains primarily a platoon player. Of his 105 starts in 2022, only eight came against left-handed pitching. The OPS Pederson's career span is more than 200 points higher against righties (.840) compared to lefties (.623), and 158 of his 171 home runs have come from righties. That said, Pederson has held his own in those left-to-left matchups in limited opportunities since 2020 (.263/.346/.385 in 179 plate appearances).

Pederson has excelled since 2020. for the quality of his contact in 2022. Among MLB hitters, he was ranked & oacute; in the 98th percentile for average exit velocity (93.2 mph), 98 for hard hit rate (52.1%), 95 for barrel rate (15.1%), and 96 for expected slugging percentage (.502).

On the other hand, Pederson qualified He was just 20th percentile in career velocity, and his -11 above average putouts were fourth-lowest among outfielders. While center field has been Pederson's primary position throughout Throughout his career, the Giants did not use him there. at all in 2022, while he made 84 starts left-handed, 12 right-handed and nine as a designated hitter.

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