Jobs in Poland: 400,000 Ukrainian migrants have already been trained

Jobs in Poland: 400,000 Ukrainian migrants have already been trained

On the cob of sickle 390 yew. Ukrainians, who entered Poland through a large-scale invasion, dominated the work. The Voice of America reports about it, informing UNN.

Work in Poland: 400,000 Ukrainian refugees have already been trained

< p>Experts have named three main reasons why the “crisis of refugees” has suddenly reminded the market of practical work in Poland with the necessary working hands.

In a first way, these are high professional qualities and the pride of Ukrainians is pracciuvati. In a different way, all the swedish women of the Polish government, yak, put the bars for the practice of Ukrainian women. And the rest is the great Ukrainian Diaspora, which helps Ukrainians to gain new power and know how to work.

The administration from the Pratsevlashtuvannya of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, centered near Krakow, shared the results of its findings. On the basis of these questionnaires of the shukachi robots, it is possible to make an offensive portrait of a Timchas-transported individual from Ukraine in the city of Krakiv.


“95% of shukachiv robots are folded by women – at the age of 35-44 years. The largest age group – 40%. This woman has children and a job (73%) or technical education (52%). The first third of them know English language. 93% of us, who filled out questionnaires for the search for practice, wrote that they were ready to work not for fach. Most of the citizens of Ukraine are looking for a simple job, what can you let go, what stinks do they work on lower than their qualifications,” – go to the rep.

Having respected the President of the Wise-Europa Research Institute in Warsaw, Maciej Bukowski, that earlier Ukrainians worked hard in a strong state, but now they practice in all professions, including those that are important to have the best qualifications in the country Prote for the joke of robots is a sprat of membranes. The first bar'єr, which is called the mustache – the marriage of the knowledge of the Polish language, at the wedding for an hour. Another barrier is the need to keep an eye on the children. Maizhe is half quiet, who, having arrived from Ukraine on the 24th of the fierce, she was lost in Poland – children. Third – shukachi robots will require help, abi know those who are coming. Ignorantly enter the Polish government, dosі zalishayutsya nevodpratsovany songs lancers between shukachs robots and practitioners. In addition, Svіtovyi Bank has also indicated that Ukrainian enterprises will require additional assistance in adapting to Polish legislation and access to finance.

However, Bukowski, having indicated that Polish the economy “at the win”, to instill wages in support of Ukrainians, the remnants of migrants have reached the market of work, de іsnuvav and dosi іsnuє drink on a working hand, she pays donations.