Jim Carrey: the diabolical sequel to this cult film that you will never see

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Jim Carrey can brag about having quite the filmography to watch. its active, but we can only regret to learn that the sequel to grave; one of his cult films never saw the light of day. However, the pitch was enticing!

Jim Carrey: the devilish sequel to the cult movie you'll never see< /p>

An aborted sequel

There are hundreds of good actors. But exceptionally talented actors, who are immediately recognizable by their game and which mark generations, it is immediately much rarer. Jim Carrey is one of them, and his atypical acting allowed him to make a good part of his cult filmography. From The Mask to Ace Ventura, via The Truman Show, the aged actor 60 years old has a hell of a time career behind him. But what you didn't know is thatone of his iconic films, Almighty Bruce, should have been released. have a sequel called Brucifer, as revealed by the writers of the 2003 comedy.

< em>He and Jim Carrey's manager wanted to do Brucifer. We went see them and we pitched to them, but it never really worked out, because it was too late. Ça would have been another giant movie and I don't think that's what [the production studio] wanted. Ça didn't for some reason, but people loved it, including Jim.

Jim Carrey: the devilish sequel to the cult movie you'll never see

This information, revealed during an interview with Steven Korren and Mark O'Keefe at; SyFy Wire does not come alone. Indeed,the duo has revealed; in more detail what would have spoken; the movie.

From Paradise to; Hell

Surprisingly, the plan to write a sequel to ; Almighty Bruce originally came from a rather dark idea, since we learn that Brucifer would have seen Jim Carrey obtain the powers of the Devil due to anger over the death of his wife Grace,played by Jennifer Aniston. The subject would have been treated with humor, but the side drama of the thing would not have helped to sell the movie.

You tend to; lose faith when the world seems unfair, and it does [à Bruce]. Ça came from a serious idea, but we were going to write ça in a very “friendly” way.We certainly didn't want to depress people.So I think that's what the studio was a bit afraid of. But as for; Jim, he totally understood that we were going to do a big comedy and he thought everyone would have bought in. 

Finally, the wife of Bruce should have simply be reduced to life, but Jim Carrey wanted to make it creepier, funnier.He would thus have insisted; to make her “look like a zombie first, and then [they] would have made her beautiful again”. An original idea which unfortunately will never see the light of day. It must be said that the project had been pitché in 2010 and that at By this time, Universal Pictures had already released a sequel without Jim Carrey, who had already born in 2007: Evan Almighty.

Jim Carrey: The Devilish Sequel to this cult movie that you will never see

Given the commercial failure and the calamitous reviews received by said sequel, it is understandable that Universal did not wanted to tempt the Devil.